Digi Revamps Its Postpaid Plans, Now With Internet Rollover And More

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  1. Lasgo says:

    It does look very similar to First 38 when it launched. Same features, extra minutes on calls and SMS, with extra RM10.

    To me it does look very much worth it. However the coverage is the only big issue when comes to Digi.

    1. Terence says:

      When is the last time you used Digi?

      Digi now beats my primary Celcom line in terms of 4G coverage, at least in a few major towns that I have visited recently (i.e. Penang & Ipoh), it comes with a very wide 4G+ coverage as well, perhaps you can have a try, they really improved a lot.

      1. Lasgo says:

        Just yesterday my friend port over from Digi to Umobile due to low network coverage in Berjaya Times Square. Not really sure if the coverage really as good as it claims, but it’s definitely worth a try with the price tag they present. xDD

        Currently still using First 38 and the coverage for myself is quite alright since the place I went usually have full or 3/4 bar. Don’t really care about the 4G since I only want to connect to internet, not relying so much on high speed. 😛

        1. Terence says:

          First Basic 38 is golden plan, don’t simply use this plan and port over to Digi haha.

          The only complain for me on Celcom line is the switch between 3G and 4G isn’t as fast as other telco’s, always receive missed call SMS (due to fail to switch from 4G to 3G when there is incoming call since VoLTE isn’t supported yet) even though I am within a good coverage location.

          1. Lasgo says:

            Yeah, the digi plan was for my gf. My First 38 is too precious for me to let go LOL! However friends around me been having some say regarding Digi service, that’s where I hesitated on getting my gf to sign up the plan. :/

            I went to Paradigm and have a clearer understanding. Apply for a sub-line does not share the data. So there’s a little downside of this revamp plan. :/

  2. soket says:

    so existing Digi 68 customer wont be able to enjoy all this new features?

    1. Jack says:

      I think so, but you can upgrade online or call them if you want.

  3. vez says:

    good move from Digi, providing more competitive plan
    nothing much to complain regarding coverage as Digi coverage already improve a lots since years ago

    the only day dreamer is Maxis, still improving their plan to become more expensive 😀

  4. Cyrus says:

    digi.. still struggling ?

  5. Zhou says:

    Hmm, what about those who just upgrade to the RM75 plan? The one that offers 7GB…

    1. Jack says:

      Nothing will happen to them, although so, I switch to the 78 package already, pretty much the same thing but with 2GB rollover.

  6. Dawja Xavier says:

    What happens after finish quota? The faqs doesn’t help much. So cut off or managed speed?

    “What happens when I exceed my monthly Mobile Internet Quota? Will I be charged for extra usage?
    No, you will not be charged extra when you exceed your monthly Mobile Internet Quota. Your data service will be restricted until the next billing cycle. You can opt for Postpaid Internet Quota Top-Up to continue surfing the Internet at regular speed, subject to the relevant terms and conditions”

    p/s: I changed from First 38 to U28 coz of network inconsistencies and spam issues. Was waiting for Digi to revamp plans.

    1. Jack says:

      No, you will not be charged extra when you exceed your monthly Mobile Internet Quota. Your data service will be RESTRICTED until the next billing cycle. So they will cut off your access to there internet.

      1. Justin Kang says:

        But likely they will ask you to get Opera browser to do free internet browsing

  7. luqman_98 says:

    hope that other telcos will do the same….

  8. Mohd Adzrul says:

    has any one sign up for these new digi plan? their websites shows very different postpaid plan than above.

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