Huawei Mate 9 Review: Almost, But Not Quite There Yet

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  1. CARtoon says:

    Hv been using the Mate 8 for months and for once, IMHO, an Android that’s worthy to be compared to an iPhone (using the 6S as the main daily driver). So much so i just bought the Mediapad M3 instead of iPad and loving it too. Great job Huawei!

  2. Kenneth Tan says:

    Powered by latest Kirin 960, this phone is not really powerful even with latest ARM cores and gpu though.

    1. awg says:

      u have to use it real time to feel the performance..numbers just won’t do it justice

      that’s my experience with honor 8 though

  3. lj0000 says:

    does it have the same non-ois issue like p9 for video?

  4. Skywax9016 says:

    It is good that Huawei upped their game in GPU department. Now highend chipset from Huawei is as good as what others are offering.

  5. Shazley Sahib says:

    Damn. The sample images looks impressive! I think they improved in many ways. Brighter (and dimmer) screen, louder (stereo) speaker, IR blaster (though minus FM radio), way faster GPU than last year, even faster CPU & storage. Honestly, i think the only negative thing is the price. It’s a bit steep but i guess it’s our Ringgit to be blamed. I’ll wait until the price drop a bit if i ever want to upgrade from Mate 8!

  6. kkwong1 says:

    Saw the pic, it supports maxis 4g+. How about digi/celcom 4g+?

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