TM To Remove Astro Channels From HyppTV: Effective On 1 August

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  1. seancorr says:

    There goes the super sport channels…

    1. palgo47 says:

      Good, ditch greedy Astro..replace with BBC sports better

      1. David Lee says:

        Uh, is BBC Sports available in Asian region?

        But I agree tho. Assteruk screwed over TM (remember what happened with World Cup? It was Astro’s fault that TM cannot carry the matches, even when TM is paying Assteruk for the channels). This move to take revenge on Astro is long overdue.

        1. palgo47 says:

          If you look closely iplayer (bbc) is one of their potential OTT partner

          1. David Lee says:

            Yeah, but it says potential only. Still need BBC to launch iPlayer in Malaysia at least. Also, BBC does not have an Asia feed for BBC Sports (you can see what channels BBC has for our region at

  2. Annoynim0us says:

    happy to have unsubscribed Astro.

  3. Nicholas Joseph says:

    Astro should be charged under anti monopolization. Everyone who wants sports have to contend with them especially EPL lovers. And for the love of god please throw away mutv.

    1. AiEki says:

      TM is official telco partner of Manchester united. Why the heck they want to remove MUTV? Typical ABU.

      1. Nicholas Joseph says:

        LOLZ. Does it show?

  4. Mahmoudi Ahmadinejad says:

    TM might be bringing in BeinSports to replace Astro Supersports. I wonder what happened with the Fox Soccer channel they had a while back

  5. MoogleStiltzkin says:

    they need to separate out hypttv services from their broadband. If they want to sell hypptv it should be only optional package. Instead they are practising what is called tying… which is a deliberate attempt to bundle crap products and charge customers for it as part of another product in order to force you into paying for junk you don’t want. In some country’s tying practise is deemed illegal :X as it’s anti consumer….

  6. awg says:

    I dont mind really..our sport channels are mostly towards football content and that suck

  7. zork says:

    I dont mind they remove the HyppTV itself and give us the remaining bandwidth as internet

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