TM Is Finalizing Deals With Netflix And More OTT Players: Apps Coming To HyppTV Set-Top Box Soon

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  1. David Lee says:

    Omgwtfbbq iPlayer? And Netflix? Very yes Please! ❤️

  2. Steven says:

    Mouthwatering indeed, hopefully TM can also strike a deal with Skysports. Btw does BBCiplayer show live EPL matches?

  3. eclectice says:

    Alt least put the apps in the HyppTV set-up box and make the set-up box with better specs

    1. kzm says:

      Read the title lor…

  4. Ingo Swann says:

    “ErosNow”! sounds like a porn-on-demand Channel LOL

  5. eclectice says:

    I suggest TM to use Nvidia Shield for HyppTV set-up box 😉

  6. #Vincent says:

    something good, at least u know how to keep customer around!

  7. Kong King says:

    How if u cut all the media crap and reduce the foking price? We just need the internet. Please??

  8. iskhalifah says:

    So does the OTT streaming utilizes the dedicated hypptv fibre line, or the regular internet fibre line?

  9. forextor says:

    netflix malaysian version doesn’t worth a shit! I have unsubscribed mine since they have blocked US contents.

    1. David Lee says:

      You know they can bring shows in if you write to them, right? In fact, that is what they want- they want you to tell them what show you want to see so they can bring it in. Also, they’re getting better, more shows becoming available as time goes by. Heck, we even get shows US don’t have like Mythbusters and Rick and Morty!

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