Apple May Revamp the MacBook Pro with Slimmer Design & OLED Touch Bar

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  1. Syahme says:

    hooray! more expensive laptop in the market..

  2. Scirwode says:

    Though these changes are welcomed, it needs to at least have a dedicated graphics card. Using dual core processors and intergrated Intel chipsets in 2015 just doesn’t cut it when the competition is getting much faster, better and cheaper.

    1. Filament says:

      And sleeker too.

    2. Vinod says:

      Agreed. Users want to work AND play. Current generation Macs just don’t cut it in the graphics department.

      Also, please let the thinner chassis NOT be at the cost of reduced battery life.

  3. Zaryl Masters says:

    damn! i was really expecting MBA to have retina but seeing that Apple is going to thin down MBPr & Macbook is getting a 13-incher, i guess MBA is slowly going to be phased out eh? Perhaps it’s best if i buy MBA now or wait for the new, thinner MBPr which is going to cost a bomb?

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