These Are the 7 Best Value for Money Smartphones You Can Buy in Malaysia

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  1. tim says:

    If one plus one is in the list, why isn’t nexus 5, 5X or one plus x?

    1. CK Shieh says:

      They are consider not easy to get or you a bit hard to buy from door to door.

      1. Joel says:

        You can actually walk into maxis store and buy it off contract…. but maxis can be troublesome sometimes~ some store was not informed during the initial launch and got problem~ but officially it is available in maxis store off contract

        Edit: No invite needed as of now… correct me if I’m wrong

        1. CK Shieh says:

          I am mainly referring to the nexus 5, 5X or one plus x, and not the oneplus 1 or oneplus 2. I really wish that Nexus phone can be officially selling in MY as it is very nice phone.

          1. Hidayatullah Ismail says:

            Nexus 5x is by lg known to be slow in getting their phone into Malaysia.

            One plus x just launch, give it more times la.

            Nexus 6p is coming.

          2. Joel says:

            sorry about that~ but nexus 4 was officially available hahahahaha LG kinda give up on Malaysia market? Nexus 6P is coming though~ year end they said

    2. FIST says:

      Not officially offered in Malaysia

      1. tim says:

        isn’t one plus one is not officially offered in Malaysia too?

        1. lamusiqa says:

          It is available via Maxis. OnePlus 2 as well.

        2. Thy Toong Fatt says:

          offer by Maxis only

  2. Daniel Lee says:

    Since Honor Malaysia sponsored, you should include Huawei Honor 6 Plus too. Impressive phone as well.

  3. Skywax9016 says:

    Great article, article like this would be best if updated every quarter I suppose as new devices being introduced.

  4. Ashraf095 says:

    They should put Meizu m2 Note instead of Honor 4x. 8gb internal memory quite difficult to survive this year.

    1. Ismail Mohd Yusof says:

      yeah. everyday feel bad bout my h4x..
      thinking to upgrading to new phone next year..
      8GB is really hard to live

  5. ban says:

    dear lowyat.net, you might want to consider meizu, their m1/m2 note is quite good as well

  6. efadsfe says:

    oneplus one > xiaomi note.

    nuff said

  7. Anoni says:

    what about meizu mx 4? One of the best china phone i seen

    1. williamtan2020 says:

      Nice design and specs but OS is full of bugs and its eating up the battery. Writer is correct in leaving out the MX4.

  8. Jake Lew says:

    Switch mi note with redmi note 2 position the it would make more sense .
    > Rm1500 is sub flagship price already . Mi note is not best value for the spec .

  9. raaisma says:

    “Disclaimer: this article was sponsored by honor Malaysia.”

    No wonder got so many Honor phones here. Meizu MX4 is a great alternative

  10. Andy Ng says:

    Disclaimer? That last line in italics looks more like a disclosure to me.

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