Hands On: Xiaomi Mi Note

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  1. Emimarson says:

    Mi Note should price at RM1099(for a Snapdragon 801 phone)
    And Mi Note Pro at RM1299(true flagship killer must have killer price tag)

    Too bad Malaysia currency drop, if not Mi Note Pro will be around RM1600 instead of RM1900.
    I wonder will we able to see Mi Note/Pro sales sold out in few minutes.

  2. Cyrus says:

    wah this post review so positive 😀 make me really interested to get 1 edi, haha

    1. aMoKio says:

      Go read other reviews first. gather all the info before you get your hands on this device.

  3. Airyl says:

    The pricing isn’t horrible considering the specs. I hate that they pulled a Nexus 6, but at least the price isn’t as grandiose as the Nexus 6.

  4. sadFace says:

    I just want one right now, :). Already have Redmi Note right now. With this one can make as companion to redmi note. My prediction is that they will not sell this phone as fast as before becoz of the price, and they have stocks to Malaysian market sooner, haha.

  5. zzzxtreme says:

    make a 4″ Mi Note Compact please

  6. AmirulAbu says:

    why are u whispering in the video….. aiyooo

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