Review: Honor 4X – Excellent Mid-Range Smartphone with Little Flaws

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  1. twt says:

    170g mygod!

  2. lj0000 says:

    gps works? lock time =?

  3. Fadzly Salleh says:

    Fluid operating system, definitely a good point of the phone.

    Am interested on how much the Kirin processor compares with standard Qualcomm processors.

  4. William Jiemy says:

    You should also compare this with Meizu M1 note.

    1. Ismail Mohd Yusof says:

      yeah.. Pls TS.. make a comparison with M1 Note.
      Guys. up this please

    2. harmdee says:

      Meizu M1 Note overall ok…only for the speaker really mediocore speaker…really dissappointed.

    3. Ng Teck Kuan says:

      Meizu m1 Note is kinda weird… There is a physical Home button but the Back button is onscreen…

  5. wong says:

    Can honor 4x enter hardware mode *#*#4636#*#*? Wanna force the phone to 4g only…

  6. XZC Yanrk says:

    spec wise , can not compete with new Lenovo K3 Note with impressive Antutu score of over 46K!

  7. Stephen Studio says:

    I have a LG G2. It’s a speedy phone with great battery life! Great camera too. Got it for $50 American. It just updated to 5.0.2 and its faster than ever. Love this phone.

  8. Mohd Shazeri says:

    How to buy? Address?

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