Waze Begins Testing “RideWith” Carpooling App

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  1. James Spader says:

    Wait…WAZE is Agenda Yahudi?? OMG! I must ban WAZE!

    1. Vinod says:

      Came here expecting this. Here, have an upvote!

    2. uat88 says:

      Nanti kena C4. Haha..

  2. Syahme says:

    WAZE from Israel.. wow.. thanks for the great information Lowyat.NET.

  3. Antaras Yeong says:

    muahhahaaha… pea brainz gonna come in and ban this now. LOL~

  4. lj0000 says:

    taxi driver will rage again

  5. seancorr says:

    Another app to kill the taxi business here – I APPROVE

  6. Daniel Ivan'ch Zachs says:

    Funny, there are still people in the world who don’t know Waze was originally developed as FreeMap Israel. And then act shocked in the typical, stupid way – as always.

  7. karwaidotnet says:

    sounds interesting..

  8. pan says:

    Inb4 raping case.

  9. uat88 says:

    Good idea but security issue is a concern going forward.

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