Xiaomi Mi Pad Gets Listed at RM799 on Xiaomi Malaysia’s Website

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  1. InfoO2 says:

    The tablet is prefect if it come with sim slot

  2. Al Azhar says:

    sampai sini mesti satu kaler jer…huhu

    1. IckyMasala says:

      Unsold stock from the China market I bet 🙂

      Can’t sell there, so dump excess stock here … like Nissan does with their cars

      1. IckyMasala says:

        Not hating on this tablet BTW. It does have a great hardware for its time, but the software is meh

  3. Aniki says:

    come on, this is too expensive la, although i like MIUI but this is totally rubbish pricing as compare with Cube tablet:

    1. Jimmy Pay Chong Wei says:

      Dude compare lah same CPU, mi one is Tegra core, ur one is mediatek.

      1. James Spader says:

        Exactly…mediatek is cheap rubbish….K1 is high-keras.

        1. Aniki says:

          almost same performance, antutu more than 40k, mipad don’t have sim slot and 7.9″ while cube talk9x got sim slot and 9.7″, there’s a lot of better feature and yet cheaper offer from cube. i rather install miui apk in cube tablet rather than wasting extra money less feature tablet

          1. IccyAsd says:

            Those number means nothing, it doesn’t represent the real world performance.

          2. Aniki says:

            then u go buy~

          3. James Spader says:

            Don’t worry. Lots of people will buy, will probably sold out in an hour.

            Xiaomi > All

          4. Aniki says:

            yup, most of them are reseller and should be gone in less than 5min

          5. Night says:

            In term of CPU power they both seem almost the same, but in GPU power the Talk9x are really weak compare to Mi Pad.
            Some more MediaTek had bad support$ for update. But Talk9x does had both gps and Sim supported compared to Mi Pad.

  4. zzzxtreme says:

    albeit a powerful tablet, it doesn’t have GPS, and Voice/Data capabilities. So if you don’t need those, it’s the best money can buy. Otherwise, Asus fonepad 8 wins

  5. johndoe says:

    RM799 i rather get ipad mini lur.

  6. upm says:

    it is slightly expensive, thanks to ringgit conversion

  7. uSKY says:

    not very good deal…. should throw at RM599

  8. Melvin117 says:

    One more reminder guys
    MiPad is stuck with sheety buggy and laggy MIUI ,not avalable for flashing custom roms like CM and paranoid android
    So have fun guys

    1. IckyMasala says:

      I just surfed through forums offering custom ROMS. You’re right, lots of owners of this tablet want to flash it with something else but no alternative ROMS are available.

  9. johndoe says:

    A China brand will alwiz be CHina brand. The quality built still have a big room of improvement.

    1. Airyl says:

      Vivo and Oppo. I rest my case.

  10. Ayoyoma says:

    Better wait for nokia n1.. But shit, n1 oso don hav cellular.. Correct me if im wrong..

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