No World Cup 2014 On HyppTV: RTM Channels To Be Blacked Out During Matches

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  1. kzm says:

    Exclusive right is suck…astro just want to kill competitors

  2. DT says:

    Boycott astro!

    1. Sajad Kioumarsi says:

      Boucott TM! Astro has paid for world cup already! Then the Unifi tell the price which Astro asked is high to pay for us!!!

      1. Daniel Chin says:

        No you see, Astro did not just raise the price for the rights, they also blocked out Hypptv access to our country’s national channels such as RTM 1 n 2, which means hypptv users have completely no access to the world cup even if it’s through RTM 1 n 2. That’s why we’re mad. They didn’t just block us out of our sports channels, they even blocked us from our free national channels.

  3. Jun Jun Yap says:

    BRAVO for Malaysia’s monopolistic policy

  4. Phelix Pun says:

    damn it!

  5. Yap says:

    will share your wealth with other, and make others rich?
    think in Astro shoe, they are paying the exclusive broadcasting rights to world cup broadcaster which is nothing related to monopolistic policy.
    brush up your broadcasting knowledge then only you comment

    1. Syaukat Bahari says:

      the reason astro has its broadcasting right in the first place is because they are monopolistic. because people like you backing them up and making their corporate fat making them think they can screw whoever they want.

      brush up your business knowledge then only you comment

      1. Yap says:

        funny then… i’m not backing any company. just purely on business prescriptive.

        as i know Astro paying a huge amount for the broadcasting right which FIFA World Cup is charging ridiculous high.

        But I think as what TM have mentioned that they have not enough budget to buy the rights from Astro so what in the other way round I believe they are not able locate the budget to buy the rights direct from FIFA World cup? (I think they are going to increased the sport package in HyppTV to have more live telecast in future, LOL)

        Please correct me if I’m wrong which i need to brush up my knowledge from you. Thank you for sharing

  6. Yap says:

    what you can blame is that TM not willing to pay to astro as they are charging high. which equally mean that TM is not willing to buy exclusive rights as well. think before you said dude…

    1. kzm says:

      U know wat happen to RTM…they exhaust their budget just to get right to get WC2014 n we cannot watch Thomas Cup live on FTA tv..that show how expensive astro charge others.

  7. Yazid Idrus says:

    Astro also using TM’s fiber network to broadcast it’s Astro IPTV. Well….

  8. AGK says:

    “Not even through RTM Free-To-Air (FTA) channels that
    are also shown on HyppTV. So, whenever a World Cup 2014 match takes
    place on RTM’s TV 1 or TV 2, these channels will be blacked out on

    This is a bit too much…

  9. Guest says:

    Even though I have no special love-or-hate feeling toward ASTRO all time (since I seldom watch TV), I really cannot understand why people hating ASTRO in this issue.

    See, Astro never refuse to give out its exclusive right to broadcast World Cup match, just that you need to pay for it. Astro offer a price, to accept or not, that is RTM decision. Mo matter RTM accept it or not, Astro will be more than happy.

    Astro already compromised in Thomas Cup incident, and you want them to compromise again? No way, that is money.

    1. AGK says:

      If not mistaken, it will still air on RTM…
      just not RTM broadcasted through HyppTv.

    2. daam says:

      astro won the right by using their large capital and more customer than other private tv. FIFA sold one right to Malaysia TV and it is up to the winner to decide.This is monopoly, the rich, will always get richer. It is shame, Telekom should be more powerful than Astro, but because of the money and cronies, Telekom can not do anything. I am Unifi user, Sport package susbcriber, former Astro customer.

      RTM and Telekom should work together and try beat Astro or at least, make Astro sweat.. y i said that?

      Let say Astro bid 150 million, Telekom 80, RTM 80.. then its good.

  10. Mann Bell says:

    ini semua dato zarul punya pasal!

  11. koke says:

    signing up for Hypp TV is a big mistake from the beginning 🙂

  12. awg says:

    ala, tak dapat bola, pergi la mintak motogp & F1 channel..boring la hypptc so called ‘SPORT’S CHANNEL’..next time change to BOLA Channel la..booo

  13. Chong Lee says:

    RTM1/2 are national channels. Anything shown on national channels have no rights to be blocked. It is considered that assteruk “donated” the airings to people of Malaysia by allowing it to air on RTM1/2. Forcing a provider, particularly competitors, to block a national channel is just wrong and should not be tolerated.

  14. kram says:

    how about people that subscribe hyppsports, can they watching world cup with it? anyone please tell me?

    1. Nope, they can’t too, unfortunately,

  15. kingcantona says:

    watch online.
    its free.

  16. timyu says:

    honestly…who care the damn 28 free local movie. We can watch the sport competition live broadcast at national channel before astro exist, now astro got more money to buy the so called exlusive broadcast right to limit the sport channel broadcast to the people? who exactly give the right to them? Malaysia law really allow that kind of thg?

  17. Syaukat Bahari says:

    And yet you guys are still paying for Astro and Maxis. I urge everyone to avoid these 2 products. They need to be taught a lesson!

  18. Parrot Brand says:

    RTM is always free on HyppTV but World Cup can’t be shown. Still don’t quite get it. Not that I will subscribe to Astro. I just dont watch.

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