CES 2014: ASUS Transformer Book Duet TD300, A Hybrid Laptop and Tablet That Runs Both Android and Windows

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  1. rufaz says:

    exact price? Asus: let’s slap it with rm 3k+++

    that’s how i see it. i7 and yada stuffs. no way it will be reachable by most people. well, they’ve always been in the niche market anyway. they have the right to set the price. :/

    1. PeterTechGuy says:

      Niche market? Please, it’s called high-end.

  2. YOLO says:


  3. Bataman says:

    rm3k?? Don’t dream lar…More like RM 5k.

    I can buy a windows tablet + Android tablet….and battery can last twice as long…hehe.

    1. PeterTechGuy says:

      I wouldn’t carry two tablets…

  4. kasimura says:

    That’s what I call best-of-both-world versatility! The one that I’m looking for to replace my ancient XP laptop which has outlived the manufacturer! But I think the price will be at least RM 4k as the Transformer Trio is already from RM 3800. If it’s launched late here the price might be more reasonable, you know, the “basi” factor and the price of Trio can be reduced. Just hoping. If it’s too expensive buyers might just get a notebook and a tablet like some suggested but then it won’t be the same. Is there an Android tablet with Windows?

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