eBay to Offer 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE at Only RM1,999, Exclusive to Lowyat.NET Readers

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  1. Kenny says:

    Why lowyat lied about the time. Just check the link its open already and sold out.

  2. anonymous says:

    Are these original / new units ? Not rejected goods rite ? Quite hard to believe on the price difference ..

  3. aReado says:

    all bought by bot …. check the sell history. name so obvious, and register since 1 day ago zzzz

  4. anonymous says:

    So.. cant be trusted even though if get the rm2099 units ? Dont want to end up getting defective units and later have to waste time and effort claiming warranty from samsung… . Theres always something behind when price is offered so low…

    1. says:

      Hi anonymous, only trusted sellers are featured on eBay DEALS ( As stated in the product listing, the set comes with SME warranty. Items featured on eBay DEALS always come with great savings and free shipping. For this Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE 32GB deal, it’s a special promotional price with limited quantities only. Happy shopping!

  5. kittykatty says:

    hi there

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