Confirmed: HTC One will be Delayed, Global Shipment Expected in April

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  1. KC says:

    Depends on the design looks of the S4. The leaked pics of it showed it to be of ordinary design, nothing spectacular. Now relying on its hardware specs release for comparisons.

    Then there is the Motorola X phone news coming this March 15 from the Google I/O.

    Already the new Sony Xperia Z is currrently the hottest device, and this could already be robbing HTC One of buyers.

    So this delay of HTC does look pretty bad for HTC One. Plus the fact that HTC One is an iPhoney 5 lookalike, but with several pros, one of which is it has NFC.

  2. anon says:

    Had a hands on chance with Butterfly & Z. I’d say Butterfly is more ergonomic and the screen is better. The Z screen looks washed out and the boxy design feels a bit odd to hold. And the surface is easily scratched.

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