Proton Prevé Hatchback Appears On The Road (Updated)

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  • vyseus

    But it looks so much like the Kia Rio hatchback~ you sure it is a Preve hatch back?

    • jetto

      see the side mirror, different

    • From the angle, the lines looked more like a Preve than the Rio although I do agree with you – it does looked similar.

  • Anon

    Proton Preve Hatchback? hahaha

  • Ulysses
  • starlight stalker

    lain lah. tengok line pun dah confirm lain. lagipun P3-22A ni dah hantar pegi crash test pun.

  • ruffstuff

    Different. Door lining is definitely not Rio. Side mirror also different.

  • farghmee

    1. side mirror lain weh
    2. 1/4 glass A-pillar xde
    3. lines kt pintu berbeza.

  • sepul

    yep, totally different

    the side mirror is the obvious gievaway

  • GTeo

    looks more like this to me =/ from the side that is~

    • Hmmm…personally I think the car is too small to be a Mitsubishi ASX but hey, that’s why we are here. To discuss. 😀

  • lailailai

    ada CFE 6 speed manual wooo. Dont pray2

  • almostthere

    Swage line down the front door panel is the dfeinite giveaway that this is not the Rio Hatch

  • definitely NOT kia rio. it’s preve hatchback. see the side curve. rio isn’t that too curvey

  • ayam

    Definitely a proton. That’s a proton trade plate

  • preveutara

    Very likely a Preve or Inspira Hatchback.
    Swage line and Side mirror is definately Preve (I owned one)
    Hope they announce it soon…!!!!