Spotify Launches “Love Notes” For Valentine’s Day

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Spotify has launched “Love Notes” in conjunction with Valentine’s Day. Basically, it’s a tool that allows users to compile a playlist for loved ones, complete with a hidden message.

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Qualcomm Announces Three New Processors And A Gigabit Class LTE Modem

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Qualcomm has also announced three new processors – the Snapdragon 625, 435, and 425 – in addition to the Snapdragon 2100 Wear processor. The company has also announced the arrival of the Snapdragon X16 LTE modem, which is capable of achieving network speeds of up to one Gigabit.

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Re-live Windows 3.1 With The Internet Archive

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Internet Archive Windows 3.1 Collection

Internet goers now have the opportunity to experience the wonders of Windows 3.1 once again – or for the first time. The Internet Archive has uploaded a collection of practically ancient Windows programmes, which are now helpfully emulated through a web browser. Naturally, there are the classics like SkiFree, Taipei, and.. the Windows 95 demo?

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YouTube Offline Playback Now Available In Malaysia

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YouTube Offline Viewing

Google today has officially announced that the offline viewing function for its YouTube app is now available for users in Malaysia. Originally announced for several Asian countries back in 2014, this particular feature allows users to temporarily save videos from YouTube into their device.

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“Error 53” Is Killing iPhones That Have Been Fixed By Third Party Repair Providers

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Apple’s iOS 9 firmware update may bring with it a lot of new features, but it also has the ability to render your iPhone useless if it has ever been fixed by a third party repair provider. Users have been receiving an “Error 53” where the iPhone is disabled without any prior warning or notification and there is no way of bringing it back to life.

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Microsoft Officially Acquires SwiftKey: App Remains Available On Android and iOS

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SwiftKey on iOS 17 September

You might have heard the rumor before and it turns out to be true: the popular predictive keyboard SwiftKey is now officially part of Microsoft. The news was announced by the co-founders of the company, Jon Reynolds and Ben Medlock as well as by Harry Shum, the Executive Vice President, Technology and Research of Microsoft.

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MediaTek Processors Found To Have Debug Backdoor Vulnerability

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MediaTek Processor for Android Wear

Android phones running on MediaTek processors have been found with a backdoor bug that leaves them vulnerable to attackers. The problem lies with a debug feature that was included to allow for telecommunications inter-operability testing. This feature is normally disabled before the phones are shipped; only, it turns out that manufacturers didn’t turn it off and have now exposed customers to possible rootkit attacks.

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Lenovo Fixed Several Issues In File Sharing Utility, Including A Bad Hard-Coded Password

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Lenovo has issued a fix for several flaws in a file-sharing utility called SHAREit; which the company happens to bundle with its laptops. The vulnerabilities, which were found by Core Security, would enable any attackers to conduct man-in-the-middle attacks against those using the utility. 

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Cortana Now Able To Remind Users Of Their Promises and Odd Hour Meetings

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Cortana for Windows 10

With a reputation as one of the most prominent feature in Windows 10, Cortana was designed to be a digital personal assistant from the ground up. In addition to tracking flight details, weather, news, and traffic, Microsoft has recently added new capabilities into the feature that are aimed to further assists user’s daily life.

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Microsoft Introduces Word Flow Keyboard For iOS Devices

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Microsoft has recently sent out invites to Insiders, prompting them to try out Microsoft’s latest Word Flow Keyboard for iOS. The company plans to bring Word Flow to iOS in the coming months, with an Android version also in the works for later this year. The app is being tested internally, but it will soon be available to public testers.

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WhatsApp Preparing To Share User Information With Facebook

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Facebook WhatsApp

WhatsApp may be on the verge of having greater integration with Facebook. Developer Javier Santos managed to use a terminal trick to reveal a new set of options in the settings; particularly one that allows Facebook access to WhatsApp account information.

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Former Mozilla CEO Announces New Browser Called “Brave”

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Mozilla’s former CEO, Brendan Eich, has unveiled a new browser called “Brave”. What’s interesting about Brave is the fact that it blocks third party ads by default, which ensures a more private web browsing experience for users. However, there is one thing that one should consider before trying out the web browser.

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