China Now Blocking Viber For Some Users

by Farhan · 8 hours ago · No Comments · 204 views

Viber Update

Viber appears to be the next instant messaging service to fall victim to the Great Firewall of China as some users are reporting that messages are not being sent or received. This follows recent news that Line, KakaoTalk, and Instagram are blocked in the country; yet, oddly enough, WhatsApp continues to be untouched.

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Steam Halloween Sale Going On Now Until Nov 3

by Nicklaus Law · 10 hours ago · 1 Comment · 1k views

steam cover

Users who log into steam today will be greeted with news of the Steam Halloween Sales, detailing price cuts as much as 90 percent for a large amount of games. The Steam Halloween Sale is currently ongoing until the 3rd of November featuring a multitude of titles on sale such as Left 4 Dead 2, Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition and many more.

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Youtube Is Now Rolling Out 60 fps Playback For User Uploaded Video

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mario kart 60fps 1

YouTube has made 60fps playback available for the public after testing the feature for the last few months. There is a small catch as it will only work for videos playing at 720p or 1080p which would seem to be unfortunate for users that are on a slow internet connection.

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Apple Pay Competitor CurrentC Hacked

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Apple Pay

Recent news reports that Apply Pay and Google Wallet payment options in many US stores are being dropped to support a competing service. Those who are currently CurrentC, the service in question, have recently received emails saying that their emails have been stolen by hackers.

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Bing Now Recognises Emoji As Proper Search Terms

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emoji pic 1

Emoji users are in for a treat as Microsoft’s own search engine Bing has just recently been updated and now recognises Emoji as valid search terms.

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MCMC’s Public Cellular Blocking Service (PCBS): A National System Designed To Assist Victims of Phone Theft

by Syefri Zulkefli · 3 days ago · 8 Comments · 5.2k views


For the majority of users that have  experienced it, losing a mobile phone whether due to accidental reasons or theft is a rather troublesome (and traumatic) experience – all the lost memories or worse, the private data stored inside your most personal of devices. To help Malaysian users cope with such situations as well as an effort to curb mobile phone theft, the Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has activated the Public Cellular Blocking Service (PCBS).

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Twitpic’s Data Will Remain Untouched For The Time Being, After Agreement With Twitter

by Nicklaus Law · 4 days ago · No Comments · 100 views


In a recent turn of events, Twitpic has announced that it has come to terms with Twitter to allow Twitpic links and photos to remain active for the time being, handing control of the photos to Twitter. This doesn’t change the fact that Twitpic will indeed be shutting down on the 25th of October after almost seven years of operation.

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Valve Removes Game From Steam After Gabe Newell Is Threatened By Developer

by Nicklaus Law · 1 week ago · 7 Comments · 2k views

paranautical 1

Valve has reportedly removed Paranautical Activity, a rogue-like first-person shooter from the Steam store due to a death threat directed against Valve CEO Gabe Newell.

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China Launching Nationwide Attack On iCloud And Microsoft Accounts

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China Flag

New iPhone owners in China have apparently been subject to a dedicated man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack from their own government. Users have been reporting that all connections to are currently being blocked by the Great Firewall of China, and those connections are being redirected to a dummy site requesting their login credentials. A similar attack is also being directed at Microsoft’s gateway.

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Mac OS X Yosemite Collects User Data And Sends It Back To Apple

by Farhan · 2 weeks ago · 2 Comments · 1.4k views

SMS Handoff - Apple OS X Yosemite Continuity

News has surfaced that Mac OS X Yosemite has been collecting user information through the Spotlight feature. Spotlight is Apple’s built in search function that not only searches a user’s hard disk, but also the internet through Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Aside from conducting the search, it will also return that search data plus the user’s location to the Apple servers.

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Passage Allows Users To Use Images Instead Of Password

by Nicklaus Law · 2 weeks ago · No Comments · 535 views

passage 2Passage is looking to change how passwords function by enabling users to use images to verify the identity of its users. Developed by Peekabu, an Edinburgh-based team, the app wants rid the world of the need to memorise lengthy passwords.

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KakaoTalk Attempts To Fix The Damage Caused After Privacy Breach

by Nicklaus Law · 2 weeks ago · 1 Comment · 296 views

kakao cover

The Korean-based messaging app wants to reduce the duration in which messages are stored and to implement end-to-end encryption in order to reassure its users after a recent intrusion of privacy in the form of leaked messages. Two weeks ago, KakaoTalk had reportedly given access to thousands of private messages to the South Korean government in an effort to filter out malicious rumours regarding South Korean President Geun Hye Park.

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