Google And Facebook Chat Integration Removed From

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Outlook No More Google and Facebook

Microsoft has been informing users that Google and Facebook chat options will no longer be available on Google has decided to drop the chat protocol used in Google Talk, which has lead to the platform being no longer compatible with the messenger function on Outlook. All this means is that the chat function will now only support Skype.

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Google Launching Android Pay At I/O This Year

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Google Street View Wall

Google looks set to launch a new electronic payment system at its I/O conference later this year. Called Android Pay (not to be confused with Apple Pay), it will exist alongside Google Wallet; although the two systems will remain separate entities.

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Lenovo Website Hijacked; Company Email Stolen

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Lenovo’s woes continue after attackers took control of its website, which allowed to intercept company emails and redirect visitors to other sites. The website has been taken down, and Lenovo is still working on getting it working again.

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Microsoft Office 365 Now Free For Malaysian Students From Eligible Institutions

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Office 365

Microsoft has announced that it is making Office 365 available to students around the world for free. The scheme, which was originally only available in the US, extends to Malaysian students from participating learning institutions. All they have to do is use their school-provided email address to register with Microsoft.

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Gmail Autocomplete Bug Risks Sending Email To Wrong People

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Google Personal Search

Gmail users have reported a strange bug in the autocomplete feature for the recipient field. The world’s most used email service is apparently now suggesting names that are least used, instead of the most common names used. It doesn’t break the service, but it does open the problem of sending email to the wrong person many times over.

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Mac OS X and iOS Have More Vulnerabilities Than Windows In 2014, Says Report

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Wire Mac

Most Windows users out there would be familiar with the need to install patches through Windows Update from time to time. Even though not all of them are made to fix the operating system as they could be drivers and Windows’s own anti-malicious software, the amount of patches that users need to apply from time to time might give the impression that Windows has plenty of vulnerabilities.

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American And British Spies Steal SIM Encryption Keys

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New documents have revealed an extensive campaign by the American National Security Agency (NSA) and British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) to steal and decrypt information from global telecommunications networks. This involved hacking into and monitoring the manufacture of SIM cards that form the backbone of all smartphone communications.

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Lenovo Superfish Debacle Leaves Users Open To Malicious Attacks

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Lenovo had a less than happy Chinese New Year as it was discovered to have installed adware that hijacks web sessions, leaving users vulnerable to HTTPS man-in-the-middle attacks. It becomes worse as the difficulty in defeating the encryption of the adware is so easy that researchers managed to guess the password in three hours.

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Microsoft Planning To Move Beyond Password Security In Windows 10

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Microsoft has announced that it will be transitioning away from passwords in Windows 10 in an effort to increase security. The technology giant is a member of the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance, which also includes many other industry leaders like ARM, Google, and the Alibaba Group. What this means for the new operating system is still unclear, although the company has said that the feature is appearing in the technical preview.

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Apple Opens Web Version Of iWork To Windows Users

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It looks like Apple is trying to tempt more Microsoft Office users over to its own productivity suite. iWork has been ported to the iCloud, and anyone with an Apple ID will be able to use it to access documents from a web browser.

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Mother Of All Cyber-Espionage Operations Detected; Most Advanced Cyber-Threat In Existence

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Equation Group Victims map

Kaspersky Lab has unveiled details about the most advanced cyber-espionage campaign ever detected. Spanning over 14 years, the Equation Group has infected thousands of targets with malware that rewrites hard disk firmware and hijacks the running of operating systems. The group is suspected to have access to a very, very large pool of resources and is definitely a nation-sponsored effort; although Kaspersky is unwilling to point fingers at any potential culprits.

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Carbanak Cybergang Steals RM3.6 Billion From 100 Banks Worldwide

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Carbanak Map

A massive criminal plot that stole some US$1 billion (RM3.6 billion) from multiple banks across the globe has been uncovered. The multi-national cyber-criminals managed to escape detection for some two years, although authorities are still trying to track the perpetrators down.

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