U Mobile Introduces New P99 Plan with Unlimited High-Speed Data; 30GB Mobile Hotspot with No Speed Cap

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  1. PCL 31 says:

    This good enough for a non-gamer.
    Video streaming and Web surfing.

  2. Sy Isma says:

    so now this is better than digi unlimited 150 ?

    1. ViRaViRa says:

      DiGi infinite150 offers unlimited tethering as well.

  3. Aniki says:

    this is worse than P98, at least still can unsubscribe Video-Onz to enable high speed streaming with the 30GB allocation… now they just purposely dumped the 30GB into hotspot with the same concept and increase RM1 to limit your speed cap on streaming and also reduce Roam Onz to 3GB as well…

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