Check If You've Been Affected By The Recent Data Breach At SayaKenaHack - Lowyat.NET

Check If You’ve Been Affected By The Recent Data Breach At SayaKenaHack

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  • IckyMasala

    There was another site like this originated from Australia I think. Just after I press submit, I realized I’ve been duped into giving my valid email address for them to send Cialis & Viagra ads.


  • Ralph Tee

    Today I visited the Vertical in Bangsar South for the first time. The visitor registration receptionist asked for my MyKAD, slotted it into their VMS, and asked for my mobile contact. The captured all personal details in less than 30 seconds. And I doubt the are even PDPA-compliant. So, if you are concerned about the privacy of your personal details – start with these building management/security first !

  • AL

    I share this link/site.. now people say i let 3rd party collect their IC data =_=’

  • ngbeslhang

    Just in case anyone else is suspicious of it, read the goddamn blog:

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