U Mobile to Offer Life Insurance to Subscribers From October 2017

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  • LH

    Digi had offered insurance back in 2008 /2009, it was like 8/9 years ago!! u mobile can never be the first one la, follower of digi

    • I-Crove-Altico

      As much as I can recollect, it is called Mobisure. Phone insurance.

    • stephan tsen

      fyi, jasmine is previous digi marketing manager.

  • wong

    Yea… Giving all such thing but without coverage…. My life needs signal instead of insurance, i guess?

  • Game-R

    U Mobile users sure need insurance ….90% of the time got no signal to call 999 …

    • stephan tsen

      you can use any network to call 999.

  • Jansun

    later a lot insurances sms will haunt umobile user