Acer Predator 21 X Now Available For Order In Malaysia: Costs RM 39,999

Acer Predator 21 X Malaysia Launch

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  • David Lee

    I’ll get by with my heavily modded Asus N551ZU, thanks. R9 M280X good enough for me.

  • Choong Kon Keong

    Pay down payment for a new car better! After a few years wroth a faction of the original price.

  • forextor

    I either pity or jealous whoever buy this… either he/she has no live whatsoever or has too much live…. too much money mah.. dont know what else to buy…

  • Who is their target market for these machines eh? I cant imagine.

  • Aldrick Aloysius

    i rather buy a superbike with that price.

  • Pemerhati

    Better buy new car/big bike with that amount. Dari 31 juta Malaysia population, maybe 1 saja akan beli.

    • jay

      yep,, but probably selling same amount as porsche in malaysia annually

  • Skywax9016

    This isn’t even a desktop replacement, rather it’s a desktop alternative. The carrying case itself is ridiculously large, just to ensure it’s safe while being moved around, which in turn, makes it less convenient than what’s it’s supposed to be.

  • Bryan low

    Many are not getting what this product intends to do, its never to sell.

    It’s to create noise, it’s to remind people Acer can make something like that, the best of the best. Anyone who buys it? Bonus revenue.

  • AL

    fuuhh.. i can imagine the heat it produce haha

  • Xian Jun Ng

    Why do you need two GTX 1080 cards if the screen can only handle 2560 x 1980 resolution (not even full 1440p!)

  • kanabalizer

    So the new buyer will buy a display set? for full price…
    It is cool though, but Acer quality is nothing to shout about