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Are U Mobile’s Latest Postpaid Plans the Best Value Postpaid Plans in the Market Now?

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  • salimbest83

    really.. wow

    • Wilson

      Yeah, it is good there are competition among the company.

  • zzzxtreme

    yes, still can’t find a better alternative to U28

    3gb data
    3gb video-onz
    2-8am free youtube/tonton/etc..
    unlimited spotify,waze,facebook,instagram
    plenty sms
    50minutes call

    i can hardly finish that 3gb data

    • Wilson

      How was the coverage bro?

      • zzzxtreme

        some place ok, some not. depends where you live, work and hangout.
        celcom is unreliable for me.

        • Wilson

          Wowo, why Celcom is unreliable?

          • zzzxtreme

            connection stall, disconnect stuffs like that. really depends on location. all telcos have pros and cons. luckily all these new plans are contract free

          • Steven

            I was tied to a 2 year contract with celcom. I needed a decent data speed at my workplace in PJ because I listen to Spotify a lot. Sadly it was a major letdown, could only get 3G one bar and often switched to Edge. I switched to Umobile and the places I go around in Klang Valley have good coverage. I now get 4G at my workplace. It really depends on your location. Results may wary for others.

          • Mohammad Hafiz Abdul Rahim

            it depends on how far u are from communications tower. also multiple high rise buildings in close proximity also affects coverage. my sister lives in putrajaya in multiple flat area. her room did not get celcom & umobile. so she terminated both lines & ended up taking digi. celcom & umobile coverage goes back to normal when she leaves her residence area.

  • disqus_Om39rakc4y

    im only worry about the coverage now. any folks can give some info? im on celcom blue 38 with the carry forward data offer last time. planning to switch but still hesitating.

    • adam woo

      Umobile service currently SUCKS!

  • Mohammad Hafiz Abdul Rahim

    so far best value for money. hopefully they stick to this plan. unlike celcom which attracted a lot of users during unlimited burung hantu period then later slowly took away that privilege when many ppl switch to xpax.

  • Steven

    Since I started playing mobile games this year, 3gb a month has not been enough. The P38 plan hits the sweet spot for me, Extra 1gb and unlimited calls is an excellent RM10 upgrade. Will miss out on Video Onz but I dont watch videos on my phone. Glad they have various plans for the needs of various people.

  • Mohd Rujhan Hadfi Mat Daud

    How to buy? Need to go to umobile centre. It seem it was not available through online store

    • KITT

      u go buy powerprepaid RM 30 – 10GB quota.

  • ali bii

    But digi infinite 100 offer unlimited call and unlimited data with hotspot 20gb free at rm100 very soon.

  • fastreader

    east malaysia got limited coverage only… 🙁 thats the only reason many here are still holding back from converting to U-mobile.

  • cutesniper22

    I dont think UMobile gonna be bad starting this year since they received spectrum license from government and I think its coverage will be much better~

  • Jansun

    I see recently many telco trying very hard to catch up with Umobile packages. Some really tried their best, but before they beat Umobile, Umobile set a higher bar to other telco. If I’m from other telco, I’ll flip table ots.

  • Ewe Zu Lin

    Umobile 4G LTE rocks!
    Umobile 3G sucks!
    ^according to my own experiece

    So if your area does not have 4G coverage, prepare to have a bad time using umobile.

  • Been using umobile here in Kota Kinabau for a year.
    With the reasonable price, no regret when I switch it.

    With unlimited call and free 200 sms and reasonable 3gb data plan + unlimited spotify.

    No more worries…