The Pricing of AMD Ryzen 5 In Malaysia Revealed: Starts From RM 819

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  • zzzxtreme

    is Ryzen 5 1400 faster than GTX1060 ?

    • user99999

      are you nuts?

      • zzzxtreme

        it’s a question.

        • user99999

          an out of the world question, that is.

    • disqus_Om39rakc4y

      good troll

      • zzzxtreme

        it’s a question

    • kzm

      Ryzen 5 is CPU. GTX1060 is GPU bro swo u cannot compare. U should compare Ryzen 5 with Core i5

      • zzzxtreme

        oh hahahahah

      • Wacky Tobaccy

        My FX compares to i5. Ryzen compares to i7.

    • Obviously you didn’t read the article or follow up the news and yet trying to compare it with an entirely different product.

      And this is how people tend to give bad perception on AMD. Read less, shout more. There’s that.

      “AMD panas” lol.

    • Skywax9016

      It is. The fastest clock for GTX1060 on air is around 2GHz(overclocked). Ryzen 5 1400 clocked at 3.2GHz stock base clock. 🙂

    • Wacky Tobaccy

      Yes, 1400X faster.

  • Choong Kon Keong

    What happen to The Ryzen 7 with 8C Coming soon?

    • Skywax9016

      Ryzen 7 with 8 cores is already available in Malaysia.

  • AL

    Nice~ cant wait to see some benchmark of Ryzen 5 1400 and 1500X VS I7 6700 and 7700 series (K and Non K) since both similar 4C/8T. Between them.. almost around RM400 to RM600 different in price =)

  • FIST

    hmm, higher than expected. but maybe because of our lower RM value?

  • Ahmed Bahjan Ismail

    Uhhh roughly how would the Ryzen 5 1400 stack up with say, FX6350…?

    • TheBeyd .

      Ryzen has better power consumption, and old gen fx cpu usually dont have hyperthreading. If you just bought that system, i’ll suggest to just stick with it untill time to upgrade as if you want to use the ryzen cpu u’ll need new mobo, ram and the price for early adopter isnt cheap either even for amd

  • amd ryzen

    hope ryzen 3 cheaper alot than this..

  • Danny

    I thought that the Ryzen 1600x would be the same price as the i5 7600k since in US their pricing are similar …i guess i was wrong..

  • Ann Zwei

    Its also because of our currency….Computer parts now is alot higher than few month ago.

  • Abu.Salimah

    Well there goes AMD’s advantage in price. I can’t help but wonder, if it’s due to ringgit weakening, the i5s should be more expensive than they are now.

    • Ikd DKi

      Don’t buy. AMD don’t sell here at launch also not a problem. They will dump stock here sooner or later, not our choice.

    • TheBeyd .

      I think it still a better choice than intel due to core and current power consumption for amd, as more application will benefit from them and more headroom for OCer, albeit maybe not that much..but still price per performance for multicre is no doubt is won by team RED.

      Most ppl will said why not use Xeon, welp if it to bout against fx 8350 perhaps i’ll consider it but against these lineup i dont think xeon have much chance either.

      Again, if u just want to play games, dual core with more horsepower is better, but come on not many who only open one app at a time, most open youtube, steam, battlenet, mp3, it just better with quad core or more. Srry for the long post.

  • Faizal Zulkifli

    damn, i bought fx8320 for RM6xx before. now i have to fork out an extra RM400 for the same usd 219 pricepoint a couple of years ago.

    • TheBeyd .

      Wasnt that bad of a price, 169 usd = myr 749, typical shipping fee from US 30 usd + 169 = rm 882, on top of that u’ll have to deal with waiting time, customs?, warranty issue?
      Perhaps the cheapes way is to stack or oder with other person, but still, you will need to deal with other bs. For rm 100 more, maybe u can get a services from local shop, either discount if buy with mobo and etc,

      Tldr the price is reasonable imho, although still cant afford it, “cry in corner”

  • TheBeyd .

    These cpu didnt come with apu or integrated chip… am i right? So does that mean ull need a mobo that will have APU if you’re not planning to use dedicated gpu?

  • iphonesux

    Ryzen 5 1400: 4C/8T, 3.2/3.4 GHz – RM 819

    i think this will be on par Intel i7 6XXX or 7XXX
    wait launch first

  • muhaimin

    Why didn’t they straight away launch the 3 types of chips together…the suspense is killing me….seems that I’m waiting for Ryzen 3

    • EH

      thats their marketing plan bro. sabar 😀