Digi Upgrades its Prepaid Packs – 10GB Streaming Data on Prepaid LiVE and Unlimited Social on Prepaid Best

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  • Dilshan

    No Point .. Slow Like Hell

    • Wenny Chan

      I think maybe because when you are using the plan u your are in the digi coverage that is why slow like hell. It will be fast like hell if you use in the right place ^^

  • Duck Knight
    • I-Crove-Altico

      Including Facebook live broadcasting?

      • Duck Knight

        Yup probably everything inside facebook except external link inside post. Works with mobile app too.

    • wong

      Becareful. It seems capped at 10GB .. and u still got 23 days to use 2GB if it is true…

      • Duck Knight

        Way past 10GB now still going good. Will update if capped at 20GB or not. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6ee81f3ca8adc4ea41998908638784c57c805c23d984308fcefc992c169da9d3.png

        • wong

          haha, actually i also tested myself. it is beyond 10GB too 🙂

        • Alex Wong

          How about Messenger app? Only facebook app? Which prepaid plan are u using?

          • Joyful1807

            yes, messenger also. I use the 8GB (RM38) add on unlimited social network.

        • Wenny Chan

          Still going good now?

        • Windysky95

          How is the performance of the plan now? Is it still going well after 4 months of using?

  • Daniel r

    I think free also not use…later didn’t use few day and show me that I edi expired…speed slow somemore, no wonder kena throw eggs

  • MelissaMM

    some of my friends are saying that the performance is below their expectation. I still wondering should i purchase this package or not.

  • tanwh1999

    So far, in terms of prepaid plan, Digi is the best. Getting insane values at a low price.

  • Jane Chee

    Unlimited social network is only for fb App or includes browser?

  • Abigail

    the free 10GB internet for video and music is for whole day or certain period only?

    • MelissaMM

      I think is for whole day, as long as you not exceed the limit, everything will go well. Better set the limit usage of the internet in case you need it when necessary.

  • Ezue Han

    Why i cannot get my digi live 2.5gb on the next week? cause im buying weekly rm4 300mb data only?