Huawei P10 Series Launched in Malaysia; Retails from RM1,299

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  • Abu.Salimah

    Ok, so the P9 launched with 3/32gb config last year, costing RM 2099 – that makes it rm400 increase this time around. for that price we are getting SOC update, camera update and also ram/storage upgrade. there is a minor increase in battery capacity too. screen size actually got marginally smaller (5.1 vs. 5.2 inches). other changes may not be visible/easily-noticeable, though.
    just saying.

    • FIST

      well can see from the P9 and P10 camera comparison, there are noticeable difference. think the big gap is due to weak ringgit

      • Thomas

        Thanks, rakyat didahulukan

        • Andrew Ho

          Syukur msia aman

          • Thomas

            Hidup macam zaman kampung dulu, cukup. USD1 = MYR 8 pun takpe. Masih dihormati sedunia

    • Ong Dave

      was thought that rm1299 is P10, end up its just P10 Lite…. sad case
      by the way the price different quite a lot compare with P9, increased so much…..
      how we buy P10 that increased so much

      • Pamper Tiu

        agree, i thought from my p9 can upgrade to p10, but p10 cost so expensive, too bad for myself not going to upgrade, staying back to p9

      • Mushrom Poon

        The more i see P10 design, the more attractive i get, the colour of P10 really nice and shinny, but looking for installment plan and protection also

      • Gelsis Steve

        if you thinking to get one phone but expensive, you can look for celcom easyphone, they do have installment for those without credit card consumer, come together with protection also

        • Ong Dave

          great to hear that, since i didnt apply any credit card, might think of celcom easyphone….

      • Lawrence Ong

        for myself, i will never go for expensive phone unless if my job need or i got extra money, but then if i out of budget, then i will just go for cheap phone, one time payoff better than installment, which will drag you for like 2 years

      • Genevieve Teh

        buying this phone, meaning you got to spend your one month salary, its not a worth for me to get so expensive phone… i rather spend less money to get cheap phone such at nokia 3310…

      • Wash Mellow

        getting so expensive phone is like you spending one time off of your salary, therefore many ppl complaint they are out of money because of getting so expensive phone! why dont just get a nokia 3310 instead of iphone 7+?

        • Genevieve Teh

          are you saing the nokia 3310 new release? that one dont have whatsapp, how to use that for work? that is impossible to compare between cheap and expensive phone, performance mean everything, i dont think celcom easyphone will have for nokia 3310, kakakkaa

        • Ong Dave

          3310 without whatsapp, how i use the phone? i prefer go for iphone if in that case…
          although expensive, but more features….

      • Zara Adelia

        Ya since their device feature edi improve a lot, quite nice
        and still thinking which model I want to get

        • Genevieve Teh

          of course go for p10+, big screen are nice, since now the android can do dual screen. of course go for big screen phone

  • RM2.5k .. pricey. Better to get a Honor 8 or 9 good enough.

  • Shawn Lim

    Great time to get the P9 now … just bought one for RM1.5k ++.
    Don’t think the P10 is worth almost RM1k more due to declining Ringgit.

  • wong

    P9 cannot support DiGi 4G+ network, but P10 can…
    but this wont make the RM1000 different compared to the P9….
    That is y i have bought my Mate 9

    • CK

      P10 is better than Mate 9, even though the screen size is smaller.
      P10 is RM2,499 but Mate 9 is RM2,699. RM200 different.
      Would think of buy P10 Plus but it is really too expensive.

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    • Asijupon


  • Joshua Leng

    why income not increase annually this huawei smartphone..

  • Motoyama

    Girls not bad. Phones are rubbish.

  • Ong Dave

    was thought that rm1299 is P10, end up its just P10 Lite…. sad case
    by the way the price different quite a lot compare with P9, increased so much…..
    how we consumer buy?