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The 2017 Nokia 3310 is Nothing More than a Hype Phone

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  • Arvin

    A very good article..thumbs uo

  • Abu.Salimah

    what ever the case, the new 3310 is quite ugly
    i never owned the 3310, though. don’t know what the previous owners would think of the new design.

    • user99999

      it’s slimmer…not having the tankiness feels.

  • FMF Robin

    I love to have one

  • Kiko Violet

    I owned a 3310 in my teen age. I wont buy 2017 3310. It’s ugly, it’s suck. It’s no more than a Nokia 100 mock with different button. Period.

  • Zahin Nasir

    The case with the 3310 (2017) is a definitely a nostalgia glasses moment, like it or hate it, it still follows the original motto of Connecting People. Based on interface and experience standpoint, it has been improved from the buttons, easier to navigate in comparison to its predecessor where navigation relies on the arrows just to navigate from the main screen and click the blue button.

    Back to the motto, WA is a third-party software, where they are trying to diverge away from QVGA and VGA phones lately and needs a higher bandwidth to perform as of today. Sure, they can create a low-bandwidth based WA but most of its key features would be abandoned due to some key features still needs a higher bandwidth. The new 3310 is a 2.5G based phone, so calls and SMS are the only main functions needed for the phone (MMS included), where some parts of the world are still using this tech, and therefore the price is considered affordable enough for a dumb phone, which is a good backup phone nonetheless.

    But hey, that’s my POV on it since I had a 3310 before, and still remember how it navigates as well as its experiences with it.

  • user99999

    i would buy if it’s a feature phone i could use to tether. hmd should have add 3g/4g connectivity.

  • Roye Royce

    at least nokia is trying to reinvent itself with the new teams in HMD..a step in the right direction i would say..hopefully nokia would release better smartphones with `pure android’ experience & optimized for daily use..that would be nice..samseng and the bunch has tons of bloatwares..pfftt