Nokia Announces 3 New Entry-Level Devices: Nokia 207, 208 and 208 Dual SIM

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  1. MatSan® says:

    Seriously, you have to resort to the lame joke of calling and then purposely striking the word “dumb” there?

    These phone may sound “dumb” to you, but people will still buy this for their kids, as a car anti-theft tracker or even an emergency phone whenever they have to send your phone to the service center. Which is still very useful.

    Be professional and TRY not to show your fanboy-ism in article writing.


    1. PeterTechGuy says:

      “Smartphones” aren’t exactly smart either. Smart or dumb, I’d say everyone should just drop it and just call it a PHONE. Is that so hard?

      1. Lucas Lau says:

        You know, I re-read this over and over and at first I thought it was quite silly but after a while I realise you do have a point. We really should drop the “Smart” from phones…

  2. NasTam says:

    Dumb phone is dumb

  3. Edward says:

    These are future phone, not dumb phone.

  4. youze says:

    I don’t think these phones can be called dumb if they are able to access all your social media programs like smart phones do. It’s just a matter of preference in terms of phone navigation. One style uses elegant swipe motions with smooth interface while these ones uses the archaic but pretty reliable touchpad with no nonsense display. Come to think of it some people like this tactile feel of phones.

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