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Celcom Now Offering Huawei Mate 9 Pro from RM2,188

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  • alexchu

    Celcom advertisement with maxis sim inside the phone..

    • Mandy Chang

      maybe they corporate tgt edy hahahha

  • Yuma

    If the first blue are entitle for this Mate 9 pro bundle and I might consider it. Although the device price is higher, but at least I do not have to pay that much on monthly. Also, don’t think that I can kill 40gb or 60gb within a month.

    • Mandy Chang

      it depend on how you allocate it only because currently i am using first gold with 20gb seem like not enough also…
      just go download something to waste your quota loh is easy download movie or watch youtube can kill so much data quota that you think

      • mimie

        Why don’t you consider to combine the weekend data into weekday? It only cost rm10… but I think it’s worth since 20gb can’t satisfy you. Combine might make it better, at least more quota to spend at anytime.

  • Nur Fatin

    RPP 3k+, with bundle can get 1k subsidy…
    With this subsidy amounts can pay up to 10 months gold plus commitment d lol.

    • Jason Ng

      if buy also by credit card not worth to buy with telco due to every month have to pay for the expensive plan without fully utilize it therefore i prefer to use credit card pay for it and just need to pay commitment for the device and interest only

      • Kong King

        Not fully utilize for u but maybe fully utilize by Fatin. I’m siding Fatin because she’s a girl and its rare on internet. So Fatin win.

        • Adura

          Hey, girls is not rare on internet though. haha

        • Adura

          Hey, girls is not rare on internet though. hahaha

      • Adura

        At least, you pay what you get for the plan. No interest charged~~ Bundle is always help out those long term postpaid users to save budget in getting new device and it’s very common at oversea. It’ just that they can get the device for free or very low price at Singapore or England, but Malaysia still need to pay for the device.

  • Best Rider

    Too bad that only celcom and dg available for this bundle… Not competitive
    I bet the device price will drop for another 200-400, if the another 2 telco join in.