Huawei Mate 9 Pro Review: Upping the Ante

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  • Zul Adlee

    copy paste design so “innovative”

  • user99999

    i don’t get it why omit expendable storage. ppl just use that to keep files, not like they’ll accessing heavy app data from it..hence the lousy excuse not having expandable storage.

    • EH

      at 128GB its already way too big, hence the rational decision to omit the sd card i suppose…

      • user99999

        well ppl just want to keep their files in sdcard in case the phone failed, they at least could count on the sdcard.

  • Leong Wai Hoong

    China R&D department.

  • Andrew

    Well written review. Your English is excellent. A real departure from people who don’t know or can’t be bothered to write properly. It shows respect towards your readers. Who wants to wade through a pile of incomprehensible crap?

    I bought the Nexus 6p in November last year and I’m very happy with it. I’ve managed to turn it as far as I can into a Pixel. Huawei’s low light pictures are truly amazing. In real life comparisons with friends who have different phones, there is no argument when it comes to shots in dimly lit restaurants and clubs. You just have to be honest and judge for yourself.

    I got the 6p at a discount and with the performance I’m experiencing now, it will be a while before my eyes will wander.

    Again, great review. Thanks.

  • ahmad queshal

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  • watata

    lol with that price , only dumb ass or samsung hater will buy that , i rather buy samsung s7 edge .