Digi Aims To Help Hotels Deliver Connectivity For Their Guests Through Handy Smartphones

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  • lj0000

    logging into facebook with someone else’s public phone? sounds like a good idea !

  • CARtoon

    having to deal with another device on the go, no thanks. Just get a local pre-paid service at the airport.

    • Sam Ting Wong

      It’s FOC as part of hotel service. It’s a replacement to the normal hotel/PABX phone.

  • I had a unit of this handy smartphone while I stay in Concord Hotel
    Singapore last month, it is a very good value added service which I can
    save RM38/day for the roaming fees. It offer free internet and free call
    for local and to several countries including Malaysia. I use it while
    driving in Singapore fro GPS navigation, which Waze will not work
    without internet…

    It not a necessity as I can pay RM38/day to get the same on my own mobile phone but since it is free, why not?

    DiGi made a good move…

    • Will Lim Wee Leong

      How much does it cost for the service?

      • Hew H.H.

        FOC, it comes with the room… of cause, the room is not cheap as well. 🙂

    • Sam Ting Wong

      You are right.. Even Sheraton SG have this as well. Can be used to make local call, heck, even to the other room within the hotel. Can also be used to buy tickets to tourist spots in Sg which is quite convenient. The best part, it’s free.
      Of course, its a hassle to bring additional device, but i rather use this FOC than pay for local SIM card or international roaming.

  • user99999

    that would become tethering device and info device only. no personal app would be used.