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Nintendo Switch Price Comparison: Malaysia VS Singapore, Japan, and United States

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  • Ah Hann

    all hope lies with now ….

  • KennyP

    They think we are water fish ?

  • redblueyellow

    lek lu…game pon x byk lg… hahaha

    • mohd musa

      lek lu sap kok lu

  • Sy Isma

    Still price more than 1.5k ++. Avarage salary for almost malaysian is around 1.2k++.
    So as wise man said before. If chicken expensive just buy fish. But if fish also expensive what to do?Well the answer is just tanam kangkung.

  • Ikd DKi

    Try sending a Twitter to Miyamoto.
    He might respond.

    • chtan

      I did tweeted him on this matter. This is insane. The different is almost RM800 and we have been forced to take the bundle. I personally won’t be buying from this unscrupulous unethical vendor. I will get mine from Amazon instead.

  • carnby77

    Screw you if you think im gonna pay rm2000 for this…..i am gonna send an official letter to Nintendo …lets see what they respond!

    • Phelix Pun

      share with us tho! lol
      when price is way higher than ps4 (500gb slim now lazada RM1100+)
      sorry nintendo.

  • Any idea if the local distributor will be able to handle warranty claim if bought from US/Japan? – something like apple-machine-macstudio after sales services.

    How about the UI of the Switch itself? Will it be in Japanese or can it be setup to be in English even if bought in Japan?

    • voon

      nintendo seems like didn’t have any official distributor at SEA

  • John Kin

    LOL 2k+ for a console+handheld ?
    what kind of games they can deliver ?

    • Lam WS

      believe it or not if you’re not a fan of zelda, they offer crappy sonic, bomberman, and tetris, at full game price, 60usd+-, u can have all the switch~ ima stick with mah ps4

  • Zaryl Masters

    with that price, i oughta get myself a PS4 Pro. Even last time i bought my PS Vita around RM1,500 back in 2012.

    • Alvin O

      yeah me too, and still worth it last time. this crazy switch pricing in malaysia

  • Nyappy Crappy

    RIP malaysia 🙂

  • Steven

    Well researched article, thumbs up

  • Filament

    Bodo Nintendo doesn’t even care to have official distributor in South East Asia. They should take Sony as an example. Now I can even buy PS Plus or credit wallet at 7 eleven. Good thing Sony take us seriously.

  • MRS

    Crappy graphics at 2k?

  • SJ Teoh

    why is it only compare impulse and GH. no other shop selling ka?

  • watata

    if you can’t afford , just stfu okey .

    • chtan

      Nothing to do with affordability at all. I have 2 illegear notebooks both with SLI GPU(each cost more than RM13K). I can easily fork out 3K for this console. However, I refuse to be a water fish and being screw by unscrupulous vendor.

    • David Lee

      Wah, so kaya can show off ah?

      • watata

        show off ? how about fuck off . if you cannot afford it , just window shoping la . people like you are the one who go expensive restaurant with only rm10 then complain about the price . cheap ass keyboard warrior cannot buy but have a master in complaining fucker .

        • David Lee

          No, how about YOU fuck off. Malaysians all losing their jobs or taking pay cuts left and right or no pay increment or bonus. Internet so expensive, food price all going up, petrol price going up… Yet expect me to be able to buy Switch?

          We get it. You hold high ranking post in Petronas. Can afford to drive Porsche. Always surrounded by girls and eat at posh restaurants. I’m a already underpaid IT specialist who just took a pay cut and has his allowance cut off because company losing money. Thus I’m a loser not like you.

          Fucking lansi.

          • watata

            good , now stfu !

  • chtan

    Just boycott them and buy from ebay and Amazon. Teach this unscrupulous merchants a lesson by not screwing us.
    I personally will buy from Amazon. Warranty is never a concern for me. With RM800 price gap, I am willing to take the risk.

    • Dzahir

      Sorry wanna ask general question here. How do you buy stuff from the outside(US for ex) when their adapter is different? And what about warranty? What did you do about it if it’s broken etc?

      • chtan

        Nintendo usually shipped their product with universal adapter. It can be uses for us and also work for Malaysia. My WiiU has no problem at all. Worse case you just need to buy an adapter that’s all. With a RM800 price gap, warranty is not a issue at all. You can send it to local shop to repair anytime.

      • David Lee

        Buy US Switch, then try to import adapter from UK. I did that for my 3DS because I don’t like the two-pin Europlug adapter I was supplied with.

        Heck, The Switch allegedly charges from USB3 Type-C. This means you can just grab some no-name Type-C cable from anywhere and use PC or even use TV to charge the Switch.

  • ahmad queshal

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    PANAS!! Tersebar Gambar Seksi Terlampau Pengacara Sukan Bola Sepak

  • KY Wong

    Just blame the local vendors for their greed. Boycott them until the prices drop to reasonable range.

    • Ikd DKi

      You’re misinformed. It’s Maxshaft who decided that the whole Asia except Japan must bundle Switch with 2 games.

  • h_1995

    gunna get from japan, import here we come!!!

  • TabooBunny also have pre-order for Nintendow Switch, FYI..