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MCMC Network Performance Report 2016: More Than Half Of Streamyx Users Experience Poor Service

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  • kzm

    Maxis with bad reputation oso still out perform TM..

    • David Lee

      Something odd about the fiber tests. Maxis and TM share fiber due to NBN. In theory performance should be similar irregardless of VLAN because all the packets go through the same fiber. Unless the issue is with TM backbone (which is not far off given how they block several ports, specifically IRC and SSH. Packet inspection can cause slowdowns.

      • kzm

        or maybe they able to optimize their network to perform better

        • JLEE

          Actually TM will always make sure they have advantage before allow other player come into new market.

          • kzm

            The only advantage of TM is price.

          • iphonesux

            unifi still expensive than maxis

      • Azan_Az

        Maxis’ fiber focuses on the ‘good side’ of the countryside, so of course they gonna get ‘good score’ while TM tried to cover as much area as possible, stretching their resources thin & making service shit. Maxis latches on to some of TM’s infrastructure to provide their services while never tried to reach areas with ‘scarcer audiences’. Fuck Maxis.

        • kzm

          And u think for free? Heck every telco n ISP pay TM to use their infrastructure. One thing is true though is that Maxis n most other telco/ISP don invest much. FYI Maxis do offer services in all area that TM present not just some area.

          • NOVA

            That is not true. I can’t speak for the whole Sabah as it is huge, but many areas in Sabah don’t have it.
            Try input some postal code and you will understand.

            Conclusion: Maxis coverage is not equal with UniFi coverage.

          • kzm

            No where there is Unifi, Maxis will available. I know la because i ask them. The maxis coverage page is mostly gudshowing maxis built insfra. If u want to see fiber coverage use TM page.

          • NOVA
          • Kamarul_

            I’m TM/Maxis/TIME agent bro.. I already register Maxis fiber to people from many places including Sabah using TM coverage alone. Of cuz maxis coverage is different because maxis do build their own infra where TM still not available but not as wide as TM. But any place where TM present maxis is also present. If you don’t believe why don’t you try submit Maxis application where u say Unifi is available but Maxis is not

          • NOVA

            @zamanchem:disqus In Maxis website, it is not possible submit the application when the postal code is out of coverage lel. Anyhow I’m done with this bullshit.

          • z41r13

            TM will not immediately open up Fibre coverage to other ISPs in the area where they have UniFi coverage. They have a certain subscription quota that they need to meet before opening up the coverage to other ISPs using their infra.

          • Kamarul_

            You can register Maxis anywhere where Unifi is present.

  • Choong Kon Keong

    Well generally Malaysian doesn’t need fast and reliable internet connection and services!

  • Zul Adlee

    lol whaddaya expect

  • Somapala

    Time Fiber is best

  • InfoO2

    Not bad, TM will be improving their service soon.

  • Ryan Shadrach Dev

    Well, welcome to Malaysia . The country where profits made by ISPs are higher than ISPs of America and other regions because ,well, Malaysia, that’s why 🙂

  • Ralph Tee

    I believe the measurement endpoints are all within Malaysia instead of Malaysia and out-of-Malaysia as they should be. So, the numbers are nowhere near how we actually use and experience the Internet. It is called the Internet and not Malaysia-Net.

    I ditched Maxis Fibre because Maxis aggressively shape download throughputs that originate from out-of-Malaysia. I know this for a fact because I regularly do side-by-side (Maxis Fibre and TM Unifi) download tests (not Ookla SpeedTest). I had complained numerous times to Maxis and even uploaded the results to their Customer Service but they denied it all the way, giving very terse replies, and blamed it on my PC/Notebook/Antivirus/Virus/WiFi/Firewall/Whatever-They-Can-Think-of-to-Blame setup/configurations.

    Now I am on TM Unifi, and my experience thus far is that TM Unifi provides better overall experience compared to Maxis Fibre, esp if your traffics are mainly to/from out-of-Malaysia.

    I will not give much weight to those MCMC published numbers due to lack of published details on how they actually performed those tests. Discounting physical causes (such as bad cables and cabling, esp old buildings and high-rise), I would go with TM Unifi anytime.

  • Zaryl Masters

    my house taman is going to get telephone poles soon after waiting for 3 years now. earlier they promised to give Unifi but when i check with TM again, they say no and it’s only Streamyx. But now i use Digi BB100 wireless broadband and can get average 7mbps dl 5mbps ul via speedtest. I think i am going to stick with 4G LTE for now.

  • haro wilson

    When i took the upgrade/ promo of unifi to a faster package, i had to call them and inform them about my new package.
    I was told it will be upgrade in 1 days or even hours after confirmation.
    After a day with no improvement, i called then they fixed it right away.
    If it is not 20% slower that advertised speed, they will say it is within the speed so no action.