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MCMC Network Performance Report 2016: Maxis Is On Top Of The Mobile Broadband Chart

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  • wong

    Just read till bandar puteri puchong…. Digi really sux thr…. Complain N years still no site deployed at thr. To resident/workers/shop owners thr, pls allow digi to deploy site thr if they request….

    • EH

      Why waste your life & energy doing this? A switch to other network just takes u less than 30 mins…

      • wong

        i seldom go the area. just wanna help those who at there everyday one ma…

  • ‘Wong Yee Ming

    Agreed with MCMC’s report. Fairly accurate with my use of Celcom, U Mobile, Yes whilst my wife’s Maxis. U Mobile has a high latency, and somehow had a “cheat score” when it comes to Speed test like how some smart phone cheat on their Antutu scores. My Celcom had a somewhat consistent internet speed performance most of the time while U mobile may be extremely fast 10% of the time while being worse than EDGE 90% of the time. Rather frustrating network indeed for umobile, but u get what u pay for. Maxis do have a consistent higher speed provided the coverage is there, as they have lesser subsriber due to their higher fees.

    • Monkey D. Luffy

      I agree with your statement regarding Celcom. Their speed is awesome. My wife’s Maxis also seems to be working great as well. Others I have no idea.

    • awg celcom is performing well while umobile is getting worse..I used to finish my umobile quota (30gb) but not anymore since the speed it too slow which made even browsing a stressful experience

      • Mathew Hon Jun Yoon

        their line is getting for congested,hoping the spectrum reallocation exercise can ease their network and allow for better coverage

    • kzm

      Lesser subscriber but oni small different than Digi. Digi (12.25M 3Q16) is currently has the highest subscribers follow by Maxis (12.05M 3Q16) by small margin.. Celcom (11.15 M 3Q16), Umobile i’m not sure in 2014 they oni have ~2M. i doubt that their subscribers is more than 5M in just 2 years.

      • wong

        U must know that maxis all premium customers dun download like what DG n UM subscribers did. And for um, i hv insider news that their users really have such many(5m) but active subscribers almost reach 3m. Video onz really killing the network but that is the only attractive thing for um..

        • kzm

          Who say they don’t download like crazy? I’m Maxis OnePlan subscriber though..

          • wong

            i have insider data that UM whole network total traffic is more than maxis whole network… UM 5m subscribers vs Maxis 10m subs…

          • kzm

            then suppose it could congest Maxis network rite? Umobile do share Maxis network

          • Mathew Hon Jun Yoon

            only 2g at all areas,and 3g in east malaysia

          • kzm

            3G only Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bahru and Ipoh umobile not share with Maxis. Other place they share

          • wong

            based on insider statistic, for yesterday traffic, Umobile own network(3G and 4G) occupied 85% of total subs’ traffic. Even though the remaining traffic occupied Maxis tower capacity, it also occupied for Maxis 3G and 2G network. Hence, the report is taking 4G as priority and it wont congest maxis 4G network. btw, Seldom see people complain about maxis 3G speed and congestion. no comment bout it.

          • kzm

            of cuz lor.. it still does not say umobile user use more traffic than maxis user. u have maxis insider? ask them bout that. I oso want to know.

  • K. Garang
    • JLEE

      Where is your location?Crazy speed , faster than my fibre internet for both download and upload.

      • K. Garang

        Hulu Langat

  • Wan Taquddin

    Once I got 120mbps from Maxis at Nilai

  • Duck Knight

    Tapi Maxis mahaaaaaaaalll

  • Queenie

    I’ve been using OneXOX Prepaid for more than 3yrs.. Very happy with their services 🙂
    *location Fook Lim, Kepayan, Sabah