Esports Malaysia Publishes List Of Universities That Have An E-sports Club

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  • Vinod

    Been pitching this idea at my campus for close to 2 years now, but they’re not biting. Many institutions are still very conservative and don’t recognize e-sports as legitimate co-curricular activities.

    • MoogleStiltzkin

      and why should they. this is usually something done in spare recreational time. and from self studying the game as you play, or from info gathering on the web guides available. of course for clan games like counter strike they do practice together for competitive teams. but a curricular for this sort of thing….. >_>; lel

  • What I’m experiencing is, we’ve been fighting for the recognition. The club was founded 3 years and for some reasons, this year we need to re-register and get approval again. Not to mention, we don’t get any sponsored by our campus at all even tho we have hosted one of the biggest club event in our college.

  • jchang94

    I remember KDU College Penang has one club but problem it wasn’t recognised here. How odd?

  • Syakkk

    go iium!