The MacBook Pro Is Being Phased Out

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  1. Zaryl Masters says:

    will Macbook Air share the same fate?
    or the Air brand will go to the new Macbook Pro line up sometime later this year?
    Goodbye MBA you shall be missed dearly.

  2. Ahmad Afiq says:

    Its about time, if there’s 13″ MacBook then probably MBA will be discountinued.

    Once u go retina, its hard to go back.

  3. David Lee says:

    The problem is that the old MBP is still desirable. Apple’s new MBP are completely non-upgradable, which isn’t a big deal if it weren’t for them still using DDR3-1600 when the Haswell/Broadwell CPUs support DDR3-2133.The higher RAM speed does make a substantial difference despite what stores tell you.

    I have a 2011 Mac Mini fitted with 8GB DDR3-1333 RAM. Recently for the laughs I changed it to 8GB DDR3-1866 RAM (which according to research is the maximum speed of Sandy Bridge CPU). Boot time decreased by 10 seconds. Mac Mini also recognizes it as DDR3-1866 and shows as such in the Memory tab.

    1. Still prefer windows says:

      Nonsense! Please show us some links/test that can verify your claims. Until then please don’t mislead fellow readers

      I can however say the following:
      1) Plenty of test done on Anandtech/tomshardware etc showing that it is a waste of money and have zero improvements in any realworld scenario other than pretty numbers in benchmarks. Just google any review on performance rams

      2) I have the late 2012 mac mini which happens to be upgradable as well and am using it as a media player. Upgraded from 4gb of ram to 16gb(which is overkill) made some improvements somewhat but it was still slow. Swaping the HDD to a SDD from my old desktop made HUGE improvements!!! Lets just say for example if ram did 20% for me, the SSD felt like it did 300%. Such a joy to use it now!

      The thing flies now and boot under 15 secs! everything is almost instant.

      If anything, as far as computers for the last 3-5 years is concern, as long as you have a decent cpu and with 8gb of ram(4gb is never enough). SSD will make all the difference

      1. David Lee says:

        Thing is, SSD is expensive and it’s lifespan still isn’t as good as regular hard drive.

        Also, you don’t think I can feel the difference when I’ve been using my Mac Mini everyday?

        Sure, I want to get the hard disk changed next (Apple uses Hitachi. Seriously, why did they put a deathstar in there?) but I’m doubting the idea since SSDs have a shorter lifespan for their price which is my concern.

        Also, my other concern about the new MBP is that it’s RAM is not upgradeable. I cannot justify buying a new MBP when all I need is more RAM.

        1. Still prefer windows says:

          Yes, SSD do cost more per GB and it could be a genuine concern for you but I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it is expensive, not especially to people who are willing to pay for apple products. Plus, price has gone down considerably.

          As for its lifespan, please google the “ssd lifespan expectancy” and tell us what you find. While there are alot of variables(such as MLC vs TLC cells and generally the larger it is, the longer it’ll last) on average, consumer ssd is expected to last over 2million hours of normal usage. Some sites tested it and it did over 1ptb or writes which means on average use that would be over 100 years! HDD on the other hand is more prone to failure due to its mechanical nature. On average, you’ll see they live for about 3-5 years.

          my own personal experience is my first ssd from an older desktop
          since 2012 still have 98% lifespan left(yes most ssd have this in their
          SMART info)

          Both are susceptible to failures of course but given the complexity on how hdd are manufactured, ssd has less chances to suffer a premature death. Don’t take my word for it and research for yourself.

          As for how you “feel the difference” on using your mac mini. Since you didn’t provide any link with test to validate your claim, it is just a mere opinion.

          However, let me tell you why it is illogical. You were talking about how fast it boots up since you swap the ram right? The slowest part in any pc and the bottleneck for data transfer is definitely the hdd. Now booting up requires loading data from the hdd/ssd into the ram. That being said, even if you have the fastest consumer hdd spinning at 10,000 rpm. It is not even close to what RAM are capable off (wd raptor does 200mb/s a typical ddr3 1333mhz does 10667 MB/s).

          That being said, do explain how does the faster ram help?

          Yeah it sucks that nothing is up-gradable anymore that I agree

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