5 Reasons Why I Hated The Manila Major

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  • Gavin Yong

    I hate how the author chose those words to make this a clickbait

  • Mnms

    Clickbait, u get WTF.

  • frustrated_user

    Clickbait crap! Now i hate this.

  • Aizad Nik

    Bodoh. Title bodo

  • Riang

    Malaysia ultimate weakness: Lifestealer

  • Phelix Pun

    clickbait? nah as long as is good to read.

  • coolcool

    Dang it goodam clickbait but worth reading the article good job :3

  • Vinod

    We tried doing this in Malaysia (Major All Stars), but it failed miserably. Hopefully better next time. PGL has really stepped up their game and showed the world how to run an esports tournament.

  • thomas sim

    Click bait! But good one ?

  • Hou_JaI

    how to farm legandary item in manila major? 😀

    and the cosplay was EPIC! love those shots.

  • voon

    i doubt malaysia valve dealer online eclub can do the venue like this
    they are used to be money sucker and 0 promotion 0 ads at malaysia

  • thankiu

    Another reverse psychology post. Clickbait is just like a whore

  • Syahriman Nordin

    Malaysia did a smaller scale event that kinda OK….