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OnePlus 3 Launches on 14 June, Invite-Free Forever

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  1. Chris Loke Weng Leong says:

    who is buying them anyway? with both the previous launches a failure, they still haven’t learned anything from that obviously?

  2. FIST says:

    of course they can cope, nobody wants One Plus anymore

    1. noos says:

      I want it…. if given for free~~

    2. wmac says:

      Why? (never bought, just curious)

      1. FIST says:

        currently Oneplus is selling their phones via invite system. Only after you got the invite, can you purchase the phone. No telling when you’ll be getting the invite.

        secondly, they messed up with Oneplus 2 / X. removing some key features like NFC (which is crucial for Google Pay) thus making the tagline “Flagship Killer” a joke.

        i guess OnePlus 3 would be a make it or break it opportunity for them.

        1. wmac says:

          Thank you.

  3. Motoyama says:

    OnePlus is the stupidest brand name ever. I refuse to buy One in order not to look stupid.

    1. Fon Wai Kein says:

      Wow….can’t imagine u have such as friend

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