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Intel Ditches SoFIA And Broxton; Isn’t Quite Leaving The Smartphone Market

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  1. Skywax9016 says:

    Pair their atom CPU with dedicated GPU from AMD/nVidia and they would have portable gaming tablets. 😀

    1. wmac says:

      that almost no one wants?

      1. Skywax9016 says:

        Why would no one wants? A budget laptop/convertible around RM700 – RM1300 would easily sell to students, especially boys if they can game on it (Dota2, LoL, CS:GO). Intel is trying to improve on this by integrating powerful GPUs on their chipset but they have power constraints which either trades CPU performance for GPU performance and vice-versa. Having a separate chip will allow easier optimization for temperature and power constraint.

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