Dell XPS 15 Review: Compact, Fast, Premium

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  1. Omi Wafi says:

    dude… where the article??

    1. NightFelix says:

      turn off your AdBlock and it will show up.

      1. Rachel Wang says:

        Hi, are you the owner of this website?

        1. NightFelix says:

          Hi Rachel, I’m not the owner of this website, you may contact Lowyat.NET staff directly through forum.

          1. Rachel Wang says:

            Thank you. Could you please tell me a email address?

          2. NightFelix says:

            You try to reach the advertising team regarding product review.

  2. Seiei97 says:

    I thought the V Nitro had 8gb ram?
    Mine does, the vendor did also offered to upgrade to 16 gb
    (but that requires the lappy to be dissected because the ram is quite deep inside)

  3. Rachel Wang says:

    Hi Andrew, I am Rachel from gearbest.com. Is it possible that we can send a sample to you and you write a review for our products? Please contact me at rachel@gearbest.com. We can talk about the details. Thank you.

  4. Netiswaran Thamilchelvam says:

    A good write up 🙂 Impressive indeed.Keep up the good work 🙂

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