Webe Might Offer 20GB Plan From RM 8 Onwards, Alongside Unlimited Data and Call Plan For RM 80 - Lowyat.NET

Webe Might Offer 20GB Plan From RM 8 Onwards, Alongside Unlimited Data and Call Plan For RM 80

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  • luqman_98

    I definitely port my Celcom line to Webe if this is true…

    • Ahmad Qushairy


  • Guang Ning

    need to see their coverage also…

    • luqman_98

      I think they use Celcom network alongside their own.

      • Kazanixm Kaxi

        if the coverage is quite good (4G coverage), many of Celcom First Gold will opt to change to this as the price is still the same

  • zzzxtreme

    if unlimited for RM80, i’d change my hometown’s umobile broadband

  • Kian Tee

    wait and see as i do not want to see the repeat of potong campaign as they were not ready for sudden surge in customers

    • Kok Fu Sheng

      meanwhile in maxis………………………….

  • Muhd Farhan

    Sceptical since this is P1 and they have horrible reputation and there’s no telling that maybe this will be scraped in the future or that TM will interfere somehow

    • Aliey Viacheslav

      TM dah beli P1 bang

      • Kok Fu Sheng

        bukan sepenuhnya… greenpacket still owns some of it
        TM beli 70%

        • pityU

          70% is more then enough to be heard, TM known P1 brand is suck, thats why they rebrand it

        • KITT

          aku fobia sikit P1 punya service. quota baru guna 50% dia dah mula slow sikit

          • wanz

            guna dulu baru tau lembab or laju…. webe guna pencawang TM n celcom lah… no worries

        • Kong King

          Bodohnye la budak ni. As long as they got 51% they own it. 70% is more than enough.

  • fayzulin Zarif

    WOW. Long live TM. Malaysians will forget all the bad bloods between us. #SARCASM

  • GG all telco

  • Anon

    Chek dis out guys

    • Jian Ming Lok

      What phone are you using? Your phone has LTE Band 5 support?

      • Anon

        Saw a friend using – and yes it got LTE Band 5 support

        • Jian Ming Lok

          Lol my phone don’t have Band 5 support, anyway I just posted a comment with a link to the Webe staging site, where did it go?

  • ThinkerTingTingTing

    RM 8 for 20GB…..kinda late for April Fool’s joke…..

  • mrashdi


  • sadFace

    Wow unlimited. kinda sceptical about this “unlimited” internet from cellular provider..

  • camuel

    keep dreaming, my dreamer……………………….

  • 9087

    No use give u 100GB at RM1 and your coverage sucks… just like U mobile claimed to be the fatest, who care?

    • nicholas joseph

      I propose that if a telco says that are the “xxxx” in malaysia then they must at least be available in 3 districts of each state.
      U Mobile is not fastest in Sarawak nor Sabah henceforth not fastest in Malaysia.

    • Fox

      Yeah Umobile coverage teruk. That why I port to Digi.

    • wanz

      dont worry buddy, webe use pencawang TM n celcom.. no more lembab lah…

  • nicholas joseph

    Let this be true. Let this be true.

  • Ismail Mohd Yusof

    wow. definitely will get it if this is real.
    where do we check their coverage

  • lamusiqa

    Webe unlimited 4G? At what speeds? And why is the main copy is written in some incomprehensible gibberish? My money and phone are ready.. Gonna wait for a year to see how it pans out.

  • Skywax9016

    But usually in Malaysia, the scenario is always
    “Good internet plans, comes in small coverages”

  • Do they have any “pre-port”? Like smartphones have pre-order before launch?

  • techiedude888

    If this was 1st of April, I would definitely think it’s an April Fool’s joke…

    Looks wayyyyy too good to be true. RM80 for unlimited everything? Heck, i’ll use it to internet my whole house and download all sorts of dumb stuff. Streamyx can close shop liao like that…

  • sobri ismail

    i think its true,just spoke with TM technician last monday,their on their way to have mobile service provider like celcom,he said small provider like redone,tunetalk,e.g.. will ‘bungkus’

  • David L

    give you unlimited with speed of 1Mbps, that is how tmgo postpaid work.. webe is under their company should be no much different, dont put too much hope first on this one until it roll out 🙂

  • carnby77

    Damn it Lowyat!!! you guys trying to fool us on an April month!!!!

  • Mike Tan

    Late April fool joke perhaps.