Lazada Gears Up For The Biggest Sale Of The Year On 12th December

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  1. Mado says:

    Lazada is notorious for raising the price right before a sale, so it appears heavily discounted when actually it is not. I don’t think this year would be any different.

  2. Abu.Salimah says:

    we as consumers who keep track of things (which interest us) would know if the sale is “rigged” but casual buyers can be deceived easily. That is why we should always check other sites, to try and see the market price.

    offline retailers do the same tactics as well. I once bought a pair of cheap shoes for around 36. A week later when the store holds a “grand sale” a friend buys the same shoe for a few cents less than 35, while being discounted for 70%.

  3. Mohammad Hafiz says:

    lazada sales is not actually sales..all the discounted prices is the original prices..don’t be fooled by the huge discount

  4. Some Random Dude says:

    They WON’T be cheap I guarantee you
    Malaysia will never have a genuine “black friday” sale where things really goes CHEAP

  5. Dreal says:

    Terry, Chief, Pang, basically everyone in LYN.
    Please do a PSA to convey the thing that others have commented here.

    A PC part with 44% Sale is RM 454. Lowyat Plaza price list RM445, month’S’ ago.
    44% SALE…. seriously?

  6. O hai everyone. :3

    We’ve heard such thing all the time regardless of the online platform or physical store but without hard proof, they remained as allegations.

    Personally, I believe that this issue need to be tackled in collective manner. It is not enough with just one or two screenshots which can easily be shrugged off with long list of reasons such as “volatile currency”, “price not set by us”, “human error” and etc.

    Nevertheless, if you ever find that you have something strong to claim, complete with hard + undeniable proof, you are more than welcome to reach us out through submit[AT] or this page:

    That being said though, shopping is hardly the only thing in our radar and given the small size of the editorial team (it is really much much much smaller than many people thought), do excuse us if we took some time to go through your claims/tips or missed certain things here and there.

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