What Are The Best Android Alternatives to the iPad?

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  1. Yazid Idrus says:

    Disclaimer: This article was sponsored by Samsung Mobile Malaysia. << no wonder Samsung is on top of the review. For other, Huawei media pad series should be included too.

    1. Lucas Lau says:

      Does it matter what is at the top? Considering other competitors were covered as well and in decent detail as well, this doesn’t read like an advertorial at all

  2. 'Wong Yee Ming says:

    Actually the original Samsung Galaxy Tab S series is better than the S2 series. Just a tweak of dimensions and increment of price while shrinking the battery size are what defines the S2 series. Go for Tab S for better value for money. 🙂

    1. Sofi Yusof says:

      thanks for the insight brah

  3. Lim Jian Yi Andrew says:

    Where is Zenpad S 8.0.?

  4. sadFace says:

    For me, the best tablet to compare are the phablets, they are so many, and with the 5.5″ easily can replace the tablet. You got all or more functionality with more portability.

  5. loner123 says:

    A brief but comprehensive review. Now, it would be nice if someone could summarize all these specs and prices into a table for easier side-by-side comparison. IMHO, dimensions and weight are quite important attributes to consider when buying a tablet, but they are mostly left out here.

  6. Clement Lemon Tee says:

    ‘what do you expect from an RM800 tablet?” not rm700 ke o.o

  7. Kazanixm Kaxi says:

    Yeah don`t forget that Mi Pad had some overheat issue which is the biggest turndown(from the Mi forum feedback)

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