Review: Xiaomi Mi 4i – The Flagship That Isn’t

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  1. uat88 says:

    Jual barang rumah tactic dah sekarang banyak competition.

  2. kitty says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this review. Xiaomi’s day has gone.
    The moment they hail this mi4i as flagshit, I have decided not to buy their phone anymore,

  3. Richard Leong says:

    Sold mine after using it for a month. Not as snappy as other phones and very lag after using it for few hours and need to constantly close opened apps to reduce the lag.

  4. zzzxtreme says:

    Do u think the performance (lack of) is caused by MIUI firmware itself ? With 2gb ram and 8core, it should be more snappy. The antutu score should score higher. I suspect there is something not right with miui. I feel miui is pretentious and overdone, despite their claim of simplicity . My sony z1 compact antutu score is 43000 despite being older.

    Honor 4x has paltry free space, and no LTE right? Meizu is too big for some but is good alternative . Seen the big bezel and bulky padfone s? Lenovo x2 has horrible battery life, don’t ever buy lenovos.

    The “better phones” are always “for few hundred ringgit more”. It’s hardly competition . Mi4i’s screen is phenomenal for the price .

    1. topkek says:

      Your Z1 = Snapdragon 800
      Mi4i = Snapdragon 615

      even 615 cant beat the old 800 ,

  5. James Spader says:

    I am glad my Mi3 still superior. Now can sell my Mi3 2nd hand for the price of new Mi4! LOL.

    1. Aniki says:

      that’s a downgrade if you sell Mi3 for Mi4i, better go for Mi4 if LTE is not a need for u, considering the processor, RAM and infrared blaster that it offered.

  6. karwaidotnet says:

    patiently awaiting meixu mx5…

  7. Terryble says:

    Well at least they priced it cheap with that Snapdragon 615 and even with that price tag it attracts a lot of critics~~~BUT there are other China manufacturer who used the same chip (maybe even 1st gen 615) but selling it at RM1,998…
    Just hope Oppo and Meixu don’t disappoint us next~~

  8. Jeremy Wong says:

    16GB not SD expandable is the only reason stopped me

  9. InfoO2 says:

    Asus Zenfone 2 win now…

  10. farizY says:

    Been using this phone for a month and loving it!!! However, Xiaomi should have provided a wider range of storage options. Many out there wants more storage. Not facing lag issue as some of the users reported. I am very satisfied; overall.

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