(Update: Available Today!) Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop & Area 51 Desktop Available in Malaysia Later This Month

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  1. adam cray says:

    damn at all these laptop gaming prices..

  2. seancorr says:

    What the….they actually wanna sell the laptop with a U processor? I’ve had enough of those ULW procs…yes they use very little power but their performance is also crap.

  3. Ahmad Ikram Mohammad Shukri says:

    good buy or not?im looking to buy a new laptop for work and some gaming..i travel a lot..

    1. Mohamad S Maula says:

      “Some Gaming”. I believe that even low end Alienware are made for hardcore gaming. IMHO, just get a normal brand that equipped with high end system. You might want to consider the underrated one, Lenovo. Alineware is too overrated. Just my 2 cents

  4. mdanialhaziq says:

    Only noob person that don’t know about gaming pc will buy alienware..u can get soo much more on custom gaming pc with that price tag..and 6k++ price for old nvidia 7 series card lol..u can build a rig with 2 gtx 980 card on it for that price just sayin..

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