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Huawei Honor 3C Is Priced At RM 499, Available Today At Storekini (UPDATED)

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  1. Ahmar Adiris says:

    wow! that’s so cheap…

  2. Tiah Oon Tjoe says:

    Wow…just wow……….Stunned…never expected it to be that cheap o.O the lowest i guessed was rm549. 499 is just wow….

  3. madno says:

    GSMArena reports the RAM as 1GB (, but Huawei, via vmall says 2GB. Even storekini shows the ram as 2GB. Is it really 2GB?

    1. Rodger Navin says:

      They have several versions. The one selling in Malaysia is with 2GB RAM and 8GB internal storage.

  4. madno says:

    Out of stock d… *sigh*

  5. facktura says:

    2GB ram but running on Mediatek quadcore…i smell lagging only.

    1. jackiewong says:

      You are paying RM499 for a smart phone and you wish it has zero lag or minimum lag like those you need to pay thousand plus to own it? Ridiculous expectation!

      1. facktura says:

        then go ahead, buy it. i never stopped you from buying it anyway. LOL

        1. jackiewong says:

          Is not about buying it anot, but the expectation is way too ridiculous. You are like expecting a kancil perfoms like a ferrari.. isn’t that very wrong? You get what you pay.. be reasonable and rational..

          1. facktura says:

            You sound like Huawei salesperson to me. By the way why are you being so dramatic over a cheap plasticky phone with Mediatek chips under the hood and mediocre cartoonish UI? Oh wait, thats what you get for less 500 ringgit.

          2. jackiewong says:

            So when somebody said something against you will be a representor or salesperson to the product la?.. bravo!.. what a loser mentality..

          3. facktura says:

            LULZ. someone is definitely going mental over this discussion.

          4. johnson says:

            Zenfone 5 not bad too…

          5. motospokesperson says:

            forgive him bro, he’s a smart alec. u can’t reason with one.

            inb4 jackiewong dupe backing up himself/another huawei salesperson hiding behind motorola name

    2. kzm says:

      im using mediatek MT6589 phone with 1gb ram not that lag..

      1. facktura says:

        is it Lenovo phone? well thats a good start, hopefully this phone performs even better.

        1. kzm says:

          Nop..THL W8

          1. johnson says:

            Idol x with 1080p screen resolution as well. Not that bad.

  6. elvin says:

    is huawei flagship store also sell rm499?

  7. Ms Yah says:

    i bought this with rm699 really upset that honor 3c is sold with that cheap price .because the price is not corresponding to honor 3c s performance that is so good for s camera is so nice and better than others brand like samsung lenovo. sincerely from me

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