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Teardown Shows that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Costs About $256 to Build

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  1. James Spader says:

    All these so called analyst report are BS…they only consider the parts cost…but not the cost of everything else….labor, r&d, licensing, overhead expense, partner protfit etc etc. Anything which is manufactured with such complexity will easily have a 100% or more markup from production cost to final retail price. Of course there’s nothing special inside. There’s nothing special inside an overpriced iPhone either with the same boring UI since day 1. There’s nothing special inside PS4 or XBOX One either since all are mid-tier PC parts. So?

  2. Haru Chen says:

    Look at the profit they’re making..
    Now compare that with the Nexus’es…..

  3. Pie Pie says:

    i used to work for electronic company… n i was in charge of 1 particular product which malaysian telco love to use. we label this product as LOW RUNNER HIGH VALUE, cant tell u what product cause then they would ask me to reset their license date since i could do it easily… production cost is around USD1000 to finish product… but we’re selling them at more than USD30K per set, the set differs in software version only, which yes i could unlock them, since the software is the same, only differs in the unlock code (like ur antivirus) and by unlocking the software, the same product would cost >40K already, and USD10K is the cheapest set (production cost if i remember correctly, is USD70 or so…) … and we also do RMA and repairs… n sometimes the simplest of repair (like heat blowing a PCB board using a heat blower) cost around the USD XXX range (im the crazy guy who give that price, u want them repaired u follow my price haha LOL… damn why did i make my company rich =_=”)… n thats the cheapest LOL… so… go figure… but id guess what is expensive is the initial RnD and IP…

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