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[Opinion] The Age of Too much DLC

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  • Padi AhHer

    Gamer here, there’s something about the DLCs, when playing a vanilla version of the game, it felt something was missing, not that I fancy the skins or expansions but I felt something is missing, it feels the game is not complete. Hence, the purchase of DLCs.

    Probably that’s just me and yes, DLCs should come in free at least visual content, but some DLCs do come with the game for “free” at launch but most of them are in premium price, take BF4 for an example.

  • AiEki

    mostly i don’t care about map,skin and cosmetic dlc. even the weapon dlc also is actually useless and not worth for the money. I do get the dlc if it unlock extra playable character or nation (strategy game). They should stop this method instead just give it for free because we already paid with our money for the game content. That’s is why in Malaysia piracy is still at large coz they can get it for free.