HTC Wants to Focus on Affordable Mid-Range Phones to Help its Struggling Business

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  1. LOL says:

    HTC does has mid-range phone(Desire series) but with above mid-range price…
    They really need to tune down the price for their mid-range phone or they can’t compete with other brand that offer better phone with lower price~

  2. Fakhrul Hafiz says:

    “Cher Wang said that the problem in 2013 was that the company was
    concentrating on its flagship smartphones, and only had two devices for
    sale for under USD$150 while the rest of the 21 were priced over

    and they were unable to bring kitkat to HTC One X despite the low number of flagship. i wont even trust HTC again in the future.

  3. DC3 says:

    First thing they should do is ditch that lousy Ultra Pixel camera…

    1. namza says:

      i totally agree with you. The main reason I’m not buying htc.

  4. Dwijadas says:

    They produce pricey piece of crap phone, 2 HTC phone and I think I am done with them. HTC soon to dry like Blackberry, no matter what they do !

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