Education Ministry to Introduce Digital Textbooks in Stages This Year

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  1. Fakhrul Hafiz says:

    meanwhile our internet speed is A JOKE AND A LAUGHING STOCK for the whole world to see

    1. kzm says:

      ha? seriously please check..u can said that 5-6 years ago..but not now…price u can joke but not speed

      1. Keyboard Warrior says:

        Speed is still a joke if you start comparing ours with, say, even Singapore’s.

        1. kzm says:

          why don u compare with thai or indo or viet?

          1. Keyboard Warrior says:

            Awesome. We should always compare ourselves to someone worse so we can feel better. We really need more people like you in the country.

    2. Yadayadayada says:

      We have decent speed (unless ada kaki torrent memang la whole network within same network lembap)… don’t talk those wireless… unifi & time provide decent speed… but not the case of pricing…

  2. temporary teacher says:

    I just don’t get it. Why the minister does not look at the school infrastructure (especially old school) and manage at least 20 students for each class.

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