Maxis iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Plans Are Out, from RM599 and RM349 Respectively

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  1. Oh my says:

    Oh my, no wonder apple getting so darn rich. If so small screen and with the price of the 32gb and an overhyped touch ID, I would rather pay cheaper for a 32gb s4 lte/note 3

    1. Mark says:

      Good, more units for people who actually want the iPhone. You can continue with your plastic phone phone and faux leather back.

    2. IOS 7 says:

      Some ppl just dont get it… IOS 7 make the phone look like kids toy yet many ppl like it… just dont bother and let them have all the hype in the world…

    3. truman6 says:

      GOOD,..those who thought they get it could buy other brands of phone..1 fella lesser to fight for the phone..

    4. Qiren says:

      Some people just can’t accept the fact that what everyone’s has different needs and they have different preference when it comes to phones.

    5. Samsung Fanboy? says:

      Yeah, you’re the same as Apple fans actually. Why get some crappy S4/Note 3 when you can get a HTC One which are priced the same as a S4, but has a much better built quality, better ppi screen and much better interface? Fanboy much?

  2. Alex says:

    More Iphone user are migrating to Android phone. No wonder Apple profit & share are really dropping now compare to last year. Whereas Samsung Profit are now keep increasing.

    1. truman6 says:

      More better, no more fuss over queue up for few hours to get a darn phone, just like i bought iphone 4 last time…

  3. alvin says:

    Perfect, except for the price, easily exceeds a decent dell laptop with extended warranty ~_~

  4. John says:

    This range of plans are really cheating… Exactly the same plan when they clear iphone5 last month. I was so regret that I got an iphone5 with the same price and I can get a 5S now.. shit, that wasn’t a good clearance to customers

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