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Living On a 64kbps Connection: Days 1-2

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  • sudonano

    I do notice that on Instagram and WhatsApp, a superfast connection is not necessary. I guess the one you really need a fast connection will be facebook.

    • I also just experiment with this hotlink. Been using it for a couple of days now. It works well with all text based apps (whatsapp,twitter,fb messenger). Google Maps still works, despite the slow download. Google web search is ok, as long as you stop there. 🙂 Google Play failed miserably. Reading News Feeds on standard FB apps is also a bad experience. Didn’t dare to even try using Youtube. Overall, this plan is ok if you have wifi as an option. To live solely on this plan is a bit unbearable, considering today’s living standards. 🙂

  • sadFace

    That’s why many people in the world use WhatsApp. Because it’s reliable, even with slow internet connection.

  • kng

    try use “Shazam” to search for a song???

  • Bagus

    This is the beginning of free internet for Always On, I think after this, in the competitive culture Telco’s, them will compete about the speed but free (Always On) internet.

  • David Lee

    Well, now you know how my week (with a fully maxed out Yes 4G due to my iPad sneakily downloading huge updates over the connection) feels like 😛

    Even worse is that I tether, and there is no Opera Mini for Windows. So the pain is even more unbearable. I’ve gone as far as looking into Lynx for Windows, only to find that it doesn’t support HTTPS, being from the late 90s. So I ended up borrowing a colleague’s USB modem, yanking my phone’s simcard out and using that to surf (and even that I hit the cap around yesterday evening. Apparently a few constant youtube videos is enough to push a Digi 48 smartphone plan to quota).

    Thank god I managed to keep myself distracted from the internet the whole day by trying to get steam to run in offline mode and playing a single player indie game for the whole day (which took a few tries – Steam complained about connection timeouts a lot).

    • anon

      opera for desktop have opera turbo function, which is almost the same with opera mini.

  • Infinity

    it is seriously not that bad. Those were the days when we are on 56k running ICQ, DC++ and Kazaa.

  • AnotherTechGuy

    Cool Pang Tun Yau, keep at it. Howabout try and write a post complete with pics or video? What are your gaming options like? Any perceptible difference in terms of battery life for your phone? Very interesting investigative reporting, I must say.

    • Thanks for the encouraging words!

      If you meant writing a post using #Hotlink, I don’t think it can work, since I can’t tether the connection to my laptop (part of #Hotlink’s T&C).

      I will definitely be exploring mobile gaming. I was recently introduced to a real-time multiplayer game on Android. I’ll try it out this weekend.

      As for battery life, it’s a bit difficult to gauge, since I am not on any WiFi connection to save battery. It’s also constantly switching between 3G and EDGE connections in the office, while I’m getting less than 3 bars on 3G at home. As a result, over the past two days in the office I was only getting around 8-9 hours before it dropped to 20%. On WiFi + 3G it could last around 12 hours.

  • azetect

    wondering when surfing facebook will took how many second to show up the blank image ?

    • From launching the app, it takes about 20 seconds for the news feed to refresh. It takes another 20-30 seconds before profile pictures and embedded images load.

      It’s not ideal, but if you can distract yourself while it loads then it’s sort of fine.

  • ah seng

    how’s the battery fare in such low speed? most of the time you are just waiting there wasting battery..

    • It isn’t that great, especially if you’re in an area with weak 3G connectivity, which means the phone will constantly switch between 3G and EDGE.

      At HQ, I’m getting about 8-9 hours of use before battery drops to 20%. I’m looking at how it’ll perform when I’m on a more stable 3G connection today.

  • Justin Then

    Interesting first 2 days. Given that it’s free basic internet, I suppose we need to be realistic as to what we can and cannot do with 64kbps. Having said that, kudos for pushing the limits. We’ll never know… You might unearth some app or service that works well with the throttled speed. Can’t wait for the next instalment. (Disclosure: Maxis is my company’s client)

    • Thank you! Will be trying out more of the frequently used apps and see how they work this weekend. Next post should be up on Monday.

      Stay tuned 🙂

  • sarf

    The #hotlink is very interesting, I haven’t switched to this plan due to one main reason; phone as portable hotspot for laptop (wireless tethering) for me to play some online games, can you explain about how the data charges applied when using the #hotlink especially subscribing to a higher speed plan when using this #hotlink?

    The most important part when I use a mobile internet/broadband is the speed and quota value. Thanks in advance

    • That’s a very good question. I’ll check with our contact at Maxis.

      Also, I’m not sure if subscribing to high-speed Internet is equivalent to cheating in this experiment…

  • sadakochin

    great test, I find it quite bearable, but my first experience, they continued deducting my credit. They gave me back in the form of data quota though.. but having 1.5GB for a week on a phone? I’d be hardpressed to finish even 500MB, unless I start browsing youtube.

  • Try using it with this app called Onavo Extend.

    It’s like Opera/Chrome’s server side data compression but for everything going in and out of the phone instead of just web browsing.

  • chinfoong

    why dont you use the #hotlink in Nokia Asha 501? since this phone is specially design for 2G.

  • Pennyworth

    How are the wikipedia and imdb experiences with this connection? I find that when I’m out, there were times when I needed to refer to an information quickly, or check the rating/synopsis of a movie before getting a ticket at the cinema.

    Thanks again for being the guinea pig for all of us 😀

  • Daniel

    I am interesting to know does this #Hotlink package work on WAZE?

  • haz

    to experience better facebook while using hotlink free data, i recommend to use home facebook app. its help to view the latest picture from facebook

  • sam

    Try use Opera. It will run smooth enough.

  • aBg_ronGak

    I use Spatio ( as an alternative to Facebook. Give it a test….I use UMI28, but limit my speed to 2G, and it runs ok, well, at least to me